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July 21, 2019

An Open Letter to the LEFT…


Do you HONESTLY believe you’re “convincing” anyone that your arguments have ANY merit….AT ALL? Do you really, truly believe that your tactics are doing you any good?

Let me clue you in on a secret. It’s not helping. Or, to be more accurate, it IS helping. The RIGHT. Yes, that’s right, the RIGHT.

The “mainstream” media you count on to be your ally covers almost all of it. The “deplorables” across the fruited plains watch. And wonder. “What in the name of Mike is going on here?”. People protesting, arguing that they’re exercising their First Amendment guaranteed right of free speech and peaceable assembly while using the previously rehearsed tactics to SHUT DOWN those same rights for someone else. It’s not working and it’s NOT gaining you support from anyone, anywhere. Well, save for college campuses. Why, while we’re on that, do the snowflakes at a riot don’t need “safe spaces” from that?

When reasonably prudent people see your bought and paid for “ninjas” with pepper spray, sign handles, bats and rocks…(where DO those rocks come from in a CITY, anyhow?) Or other people SO convinced of their argument that they feel they need to wear a mask or bandanna over their face while whacking a young woman with a bicycle lock hard enough to lacerate and concuss her; or slapping people with used feminine products, pepper spray, eggs and, in one case, URINE; do you really believe that you’re “winning over” anyone? Your “AntiFa” running around calling people “fascist”, (or any other “ist” or “phobe”) or a “Nazi” because they disagree with you; so you use fascist, (you remember those…Mussolini had them, “I Squadristi”, all over the place before the war broke out), AND Nazi, (you know, like the Brown Shirts in Germany before the war broke out), tactics to shut them down – it AIN’T WORKIN’! How about grown women marching down the street wearing a foam rubber…umm…with little children present! Or little pink “pussy” hats with little “ears” on them, carrying signs so obscene that the media either pixellated them or just didn’t run the video. Those people on the fence last November said: “NOPE!”. So, if THEY said “NOPE!”, just guess what Joe Bluecollar in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and more, decided while watching the news after a hard day at the job.


And now, you replaced the, (disgraced), chair of the DNC with a man that is DISGRACEFUL they way he speaks at meetings, (AGAIN, with little children present), and others leading cheers of “F- Donald Trump” with their one-finger salute up in the air…helpful? Convincing? “Base” motivating? Independent gathering?


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