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March 25, 2019

MY Take On This Day, (or two).

On this day, (The anniversary of the day Billy Joe McAlester jumped off the Tallahatchie bridge), I had JUST sat down. Hadn’t even scrolled yet. Saw a “synopsis” that I want to find the video for, but hadn’t yet.
Congressman Kelley, (R-PA), represents the district around Pittsburgh. WHAT happens here is, (just like all of the “treaties” Pres. Obama signed), the Paris accord was entered into as an “end run” because even in HIS administration, he knew that the accord would NEVER be passed as a treaty. The accord was deigned to have us pay for “emerging nations” to clean up their act. There are not “teeth” in it. It’s basically a money and power scheme for the elite, negatively affecting American workers.
.02 Celsius. TWO TENTHS of ONE DEGREE. “Global Warming” backed scientists say that two degrees are the point where it becomes critical to the planet. Do the math. That’s TEN CENTURIES, yes, ONE THOUSAND YEARS away. We’re talking six hundred years AFTER “Star Trek, TNG”. I have a hunch we’ll have it ALL under control LONG before it get to the theoretical danger point. After all, there were only 7,000 polar bears when Al Gore was born. Today, they’ve dwindled to 30,000. NASA and NOAA are constantly publishing reports, (which is their remit), that polar ice, (at both ends), is GROWING.
With or without the crybabies in Europe, the US ALREADY has a BETTER record of environmentalism than ANY of them. Like anything else, the old adage “follow the money” applies. Environmental “research” grants are candy to the elite. Gore, DiCaprio and Nye are getting RICH on speaking honoraria. You and I, however, are getting poorer.
Please stop screaming “WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!?!?!”, (the limousine left mating call). in ONE THOUSAND YEARS my DNA won’t have one gene left next to another. I have enough confidence in the human race to not worry about “THE CHILDREN”. They’re going to be just fine. Besides, if THE LEFT would just STOP EMITTING hot air, we’d not NEED the Paris accords.

On to the “Griffin issue”. I’m not an attorney and I don’t play one on TV. BUT…It looks like a terroristic threat to me. Mind you, it might just be a statement of position. Ergo, non-prosecutable. Someone, SOMEWHERE in her entourage MUST have at least THOUGHT, “HEY, THIS might not be a great idea…”

I am CONVINCED, upon watching the “behind the scenes” video that the “apology” was filmed BEFORE the photo-shoot. She HAD TO have thought, “well, THIS is a S***-storm waiting to happen”. She may not be Einstein’s daughter but she’s NO DOPE. Most comedians aren’t. She knew, in advance, FULL WELL that her attacks were going to have MASSIVE fallout. Enough to DESTROY her career. She didn’t count on the fact that WE the PEOPLE have had quite enough from the Hollywood “limousine liberal” elite. ESPECIALLY after she had made statements to the effect that HER “schtick” was going to be hitting at Barron Trump, an ELEVEN YEAR OLD KID, last Fall.

We aren’t going to take it anymore. Hey, don’t believe me? Go look. She’s RIGHT THERE with Bill Maher. Where? The UNEMPLOYMENT LINE.

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