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March 25, 2019

So I’m An “IST”, But I’m No “PHOBE”.

It seems that there’s an “ist” pejorative for every point-of-view I hold. I have been called a racist. An elitist. Even a fascist. (How come it happens most often when I say ISLAMIST?)

I’ve been called a lot of “ists” and “phobes” in the last decade or so. Many people have. I have come to the conclusion that just about ninety-five percent of the times any “ist” or “phobe” is hurled at anyone, it’s from some liberal snowflake whose feelings they hurt because they’re too smart to believe the crap their, (the snowflake’s), liberal arts professors filled their cupcake heads with while getting a degree in burger flipping.

And Americans are getting rather bored with it all.

**** NEWS FLASH ****

I no longer give a damn. Matter of fact, I checked my damn box and I have none left to give. None. I publicly announced, years ago, that I no longer ascribed to the principles of “PC Culture”. Why? It was annoying me that my RIGHTS were being curtailed by people that believed in it almost as much as if you dropped the “ure” part off the end.

I was raised to be a gentleman. Years ago my Mother took a tag off of a Salada tea bag. She wrapped it in Scotch tape. The “Tag Line”, (which is what the little fortune-cookie-esque words of wisdom were called), read: “A gentleman is one who never hurts another’s feelings – unintentionally”. I carried that with me all over the world. For decades. It now rests comfortably in a photo album at Mom’s. I did, however, carry the sentiment even longer. I still do. I have no desire whatsoever to hurt anyone’s feelings. UN intentionally. Ergo, if I DO hurt your feelings there are only two possible explanations. Either I meant to, (in which case there will be no mistake as to whether I did), or, you’re hypersensitive. That, my friend, is on YOU. If you need a “safe space” because of what I said, it’s not my fault, it’s not my concern and, as I previously explained, I’m all out of DAMNS to give. I don’t give the North-bound end of a South-bound RAT who you are. The high & mighty. The downtrodden peon. The Left OR the Right. White, yellow, brown, black, gay, straight, (or any other tribe within that domain), young, old, anywhere in between or combinations thereof. I really don’t. However, if you’re an idiot, a moron, a sumbitch or an A-hole; that I care about. And I’m perfectly capable and willing to tell you so. And it won’t be “unintentional”.

Now then. NEED I, really, quote you the definition of “phobia”? Good. I was hoping not. If you’re not sure, go look. I’ll wait. There. Got it now?

We ALL have at least one “irrational fear”. I have one myself. Mind you remember; I SAID “irrational”. It matters. Nigh none of the “phobe” issues that are heaped on me are valid. As I said, I have only ONE irrational fear and it’s none of your business. So when I say the word “islamist”, (notice it has an “ist” in it?), I’m called a racist and an islamophobe. Let’s get the first problem with that out of the way, shall we? Islam is NOT A RACE. Secondly, I don’t have an “irrational fear” of moslems. A general sense of concern, yes. But phobia? No. Some joker coming at me, armed, yelling islamist phrases is not going to instill an irrational fear in me. As a matter of fact, I’ll probably get very calm. As I draw my pistol and send him to meet his share of the “virgins” in wherever it is they go. My guess? Straight to Hell.

Neither am I a homophobe. I know many, many homosexual people, transgender people, intersex people and various other people who identify at some point on that gauge. NONE of them inspire me to dread, and I’m not going to sweat which pronouns you “prefer”. I’m going to call you as I see you. Get over it and yourself. I am sure that, at one time, I have used the same bathroom as a Trans person. After all, I did say that I knew some of them. Ever go swimming? Use a porta-potty? I didn’t catch Transgenderism. Did you? Frankly, from my own world view – I don’t care which bathroom you use. Just wash your hands, okay?

My problems with such things as immigration are based on the rule of law. I, you and everyone else walking around in America right now is born of immigrants. Whether through a place like Ellis Island or on the Mayflower or on a reservation, (Please. Did you think they sprang up out of the ground?), came from immigrant stock. I’m not racist because I want illegal immigration stopped. I’m not xenophobic because I want illegal immigration stopped. BUT…


Now. Life gives you two choices, here. Stay mad or get over it.

And may G/d Bless the United States of America.

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