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March 25, 2019

A Compassionate Fight

We are a compassionate people. I am a compassionate person. At least I’d like to think so. But we all have limits, don’t we? From the number of times you’ll get a toothache before going to a dentist, the time we’ll spend on hold or the number of times a kid says “mom! mom! mom!” before you answer. How many times do you need to trip over that edge of the carpet? Follow me, here…

My heart feels EVERY BIT as badly as yours when I see the groups of displaced children with the flies on them. It does. But the UN just said that the global number of “displaced” has climbed to 65.6 MILLION people.

Now? The Schadenfreude

If someone attacked the United States, think “Wolverines”. Would I be the total Patrick Swayze bad-ass I once was? Nah. Would I do EVERYTHING in my power to save my country?

Wait…you had to stop and THINK? Did you just meet me?

That famous picture of the classy-looking older Frenchman in gabardine jerking a tear as the Nazis, (THE REAL ONES, Snowflake), marched into Paris. Sorry. That is not an image of me. Even if all I could do is bust a wine bottle and take out one uniformed soldier, I’d have made it ONE UNIFORMED soldier EASIER to win the war.

Widows and children are protected; and yea, verily, provided for in the Bible. Able bodied combat aged men are covered, too…they’re there to FIGHT. WHY are we allowing a multitude of these young men, to NOT FIGHT for THEIR country? Oh, because they might get killed? SURPRISE! People get killed in war. People get hurt in war. Ask any veteran you know. We go places. We kill people. We break things.
We make a mess. Sometimes, there’s a cost to it. Besides, people have been killed for much, much less. Here on the mean streets of America.

All I can say is this; STAND UP and FIGHT. Survive. Take your country back. I’m even willing to HELP you DO IT! But it IS, after all, YOUR COUNTRY. FIGHT for it. Don’t come to mine, (or that French guy’s, or that English guy’s, or Sweden, Germany, Norway or any other guy’s), and fight with US over your inability or lack of desire to fight FOR YOURS. Or don’t. But please don’t come to me looking all sad while the bad guys laugh and mock your inability to carry yourselves like MEN. Real men. MEN not wearing gabardine.

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