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October 15, 2019

I’ve HAD IT With Conservatives!

Oh, dear reader! Please don’t take this in the wrong way! I am still way to the right of Genghis Khan. Joe McCarthy still looks at me and thinks: “DAY-UM!”. The Duke and Ronald Reagan are in heaven wondering why they never shook my hand. But there’s a lot at stake in the next many months. An awful lot we can win, but an even more awful lot we could darn well lose. In principle, (colloquially), “we got this”. In the court of public opinion? Eh. Not so much. Why? A-HA!

Because the people in the “Coastal Bubble” still see fly-over America as a bunch of unwashed dolts. With the exception of Chi-town and a city or two in the South. We’re all Gomer Pyle. Peggy Sue. Tim Taylor. Bo & Luke Duke. Throw in Daisy, while we’re at it. You know who you are.

And you aren’t helping.

Every time you reply to a click-bait issue on some “Conservative” site, (some of which I get a realllly bad feeling about…can you say SETUP, boys & girls?), or even a perfectly good story on a respected site, (which is actually worse. Think about it), you embarrass yourself. And me. And America.

There isn’t a computer with ANY operating system built in the last forty years that has a keyboard attached that doesn’t include a spell checker. MANY have grammar checkers, too. ALL of them have “caps lock” keys, (you know where it is. You turned it ON, didn’t you?), and 95% of them have special function keys, but I digress…

Please let the world know you’re not Jethro. “Got my sixth grade edumacation…”. Learn the difference between: Lose/loose. Your/you’re. Their/they’re/there. Two/to/too. Please cut it out with the “u” for “you”, the “r” for “are”. Learn how to punctuate. Learn basic sentence structure, and, for the love of Mike, TURN YOUR CAPS LOCK OFF!!! My English isn’t perfect. My heavily dialectical Italian is worse and my Latin is atrocious, but I at least TRY.

Make some sense. Form an argument. Discuss. Refrain, at ALL costs, from vulgar language. From ad-hominem personal attacks. From calling people “stupid” and worse. Don’t “troll”! While we’re at it, I implore you! I know your beliefs are precious to you, as mine are to me, but if all you’ve got is “That’s what happens when a Christian nation turns it’s back on JAYYYYSUS!”, save it. The sentiment is wonderful, true enough, but…do we really have to get into the “Christian nation” thing again? Mind you, if you can eloquently make your passionate point using your faith, I say “go for it”! I KNOW you’re commanded by The Great Commission, but it makes you sound like a blazing sitcom trope.

We are facing a challenge from people in the media and in academia who could argue real estate in Hell out of the devil’s contract. They can chew you up and spit you out before you realize you’re not on the plate.

Don’t give them the chance.

By all means, engage them. Just don’t “bring a knife to a gunfight”. I’ll throw you right under the bus. I mean it.

One Response “I’ve HAD IT With Conservatives!”

  1. July 16, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    I’m with you on this as well as it goes hand in hand with my book.

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