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May 23, 2019

Circle analogy. Revisited.

I made an analogy the other day in the podcast. I used a circle to describe it. The farther right you go, you’ll end up left. The farther left you go, you’ll end up right. I realize, today, that a circle might not have been the best illustration. So I’ll amend it. Let’s use a TOILET. Now, I’m NO good at creating “memes”, so, picture in your mind…

Looking at a toilet.
[Sorry, ladies, but for the purposes of this illustration, the seat is UP]
At the top of the seat is “good” and at the bottom of the bowl is “bad”.

On the LEFT side of the bowl are the “peaceful protesters” such as anti fa, the NBPP, BLM etc. On the RIGHT side of the bowl, you have the, (according to the other side and their complicit media), National Socialist Movement, the NAZIS, (I HATE those guys), white supremacists and other biological failures of parents to check their kin before gettin’ hitched.

Now, following my previously mentioned “circle” analogy and adding in gravity, (it’s a LAW, not a suggestion), the LEFT starts it’s journey down. So does the RIGHT. They meet at the bottom and start carrying on as they do whenever they meet.


And, guys, please put the seat down.

What am I thinking? Neither I nor anyone I know would ever deny any American their First Amendment guaranteed right to peaceably assemble or petition the government for the redress of their grievances. But “peaceably” as you or I would define it doesn’t seem congruent with the way our modern mainstream media sees it.

Any mayor or any sheriff can issue emergency law & order / public safety decrees. We see it all the time in the event of natural disasters and such. BAN the wearing of masks. Anonymity is a powerful tool. Take it away and you’ll see MUCH less problematic behavior. This stipulation can also be added to the application process when permits are applied for. Ban, in the demonstration zone, sign poles in excess of 1/2″ in diameter and made of anything but soft wood. No pipes. No bats. No chemical agents.

Use facial recognition software. Fingerprints. DNA. Good old shoe-leather detective work. Arrest, detain, process, charge, prosecute and sentence. Oh, and I DO mean CHARGE and I DO mean SENTENCE.

Attack a police office with a metal pipe and go up for attempted murder of that police officer. That’s a capital felony in some jurisdictions. Set fire to property? Arson. Assault. Battery. Riot / incitement. Yes, TERRORISM.

There is also technology that can help. Evidently the days when chemical agents were the “be all and end all” of crowd control are over. Google up “Active Denial System”. Wonderful stuff! I also saw a water cannon mounted on a tank-looking vehicle at the “G ” summit in Hamburg. It didn’t work as well as ADS, but hey, it’s a start. Non or less than lethal solutions abound. Horses and dogs work well, but are subject to getting hurt. So I’ll leave them out. What can I say? At least I’m humane.

Or maybe we just give them all participation trophies and gift cards to the coffee shop?

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