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April 4, 2020

A GIANT among men. Period.

We’ve seen some very dramatic changes in the world of scouting in the last few years. What if I told you there was a GIANT among the men who have led the boys of the BOY SCOUTS to go on to become Eagles, pilots, doctors, lawyers and business leaders? What If I were to tell you that he STARTED doing just that in 1942 and only ceased to a scant couple of years ago? WELCOME to the world of Julio “Jay” Balde. A pillar of the “Down Neck” Luso-American community as well as the fledgling Nutley, (NJ), Volunteer Emergency & Rescue Squad. Riding member for SIXTY YEARS. Think of that for a moment. I’ll wait. Sure, I COULD “gush” on and on. Instead, I’ll defer to a MUCH better writer than I. Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr. Barry Carter.


Be sure to read his entire series on Jay. It WILL be worth your time in the way you view HUMANITY.

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