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June 18, 2019

I’m Not 19. Thank The G-ds.

If you’re going to read this, read all of it. I know, it’s a bit long. It is also a cross post from my blog. You know me to not be, (or I TRY, anyway), a tinfoil-hat wearing conspiracy theorist. I believe we did land on the Moon. BUT..
I watched a movie called “Orchestra Wives”. It was ostensibly about Glenn Miller. His music, for the most part, was innocent enough. In the fifties, Rock & Roll and Television were the big deal. An awful lot of R&R was pretty racy stuff, but most of America didn’t know it. Shoot, most of America still doesn’t. And TV would not only rot your mind but destroy your eyesight, too. As would comic books. All that “BOFF!” and “POW!” from Batman. Hmm. Oh, and the way a guy would grab his middle as he fell off the saloon awning when Marshall Dillon shot him!. In the sixties, music, (as well as everything else), got “free-er”. That’s when “SADARR” was coined. Societal norms were abandoned en masse. In the seventies, metal began and several bands were accused of promoting suicide. Video games were invented and caught on PDQ. How, exactly, jumping up and down on a mushroom or a spider was going to rot minds, I’m not sure, but they said it would! And by then, they would know these things because they don’t even remember the sixties that they grew up in. The point of all this is that, sometime in the last couple of decades, comic books became “graphic Novels” and, they DID become “GRAPHIC”! Now, on TV and in movies, if the equivalent of Marshall Dillon or Sgt. Rock, (OFTEN as not played by a Hollywood celeb that will be in the very next “common sense gun control” TV ad campaign), blasts you, you explode into pile of bloody guts. Soft porn is the order of the day as opposed to the angst of a peck on the cheek after a first date. Maybe less so on broadcast channels, but, have you looked at cable, lately?
I was on the H.S. rifle team. I got my first juvenile hunter permit at age 10. We drove to the field with our shotguns on the shelf of the back seat. I have carried a gun as a part of earning my daily bread. I still do, because I’m too young to die and too old to take an ass whoopin’ in my wheelchair. I HAVE NEVER drawn my weapon in anger OR butthurt. But, I’m not 19. I wasn’t born into a decade of such depravity as we see today. Guns have been around for centuries. They were in my home, right up on the wall of our living room. Neither I nor my siblings ever thought to take one into school and start shooting. Well, except the time I took my rifle to the school range. But that was handled by the coach, not me.
I believe that some of the stuff from Hollywood, some of the video games, some of the music, and even some of what is taught or corresponds with being taught has, indeed, rotted the minds of some of our kids and grandkids.  An internet meme going around says: “Dear G-d.  Why do you allow such terrible things to happen in our schools?  Signed, a concerned student.  Dear concerned student.  I’m not allowed in school.  Signed, G-d”.  Spot on.
What happens next is NOT up to them. It’s up to you. But it doesn’t involve taking my gun. THAT I can promise you. This isn’t Australia, Britain or Nazi Germany; so, NO, you CAN’T have it. Think of something else.
Thanks for your time and kind attention.

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