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June 18, 2019

Only A DJ Could…

…create a mashup such as this!

First let me say this, as it’s one of the MOST common of the errata of the last week.

The “Right of the people to keep and bear arms” is NOT a “Constitutional Right”. It is a NATURAL RIGHT. As some would say, a G-D GIVEN RIGHT.

The Second Amendment is a written, binding GUARANTEE of that right, and “shall not be infringed” means JUST THAT. By INFRINGING on the codification of a right endowed upon me BY MY CREATOR you are ASSAULTING ME PERSONALLY.

Toss me in a cell without a trial for writing this, have me sign a confession to being a commie rat. (1,4,5)

You might just as well torture me for jaywalking or bust down my door to see if my checkbook is balanced. Leave a bunch of soldiers behind for a week and demand I fed them. ( 6,8,3)

After that, you might just as well confiscate all my booze and not let me get anymore. (4,21)

And tell me I can’t leave my shotgun to my niece, because you confiscated it already and she’s 18. (4,26a)

Either way. You’re gonna have to Roshambo for it, but I go first because the BILL of RIGHTS is on MY SIDE.

How about this?  PUT your MONEY where your MOUTH IS. Do you REALLY have the strength of your convictions? I DARE YOU to put a “Gun-Free Home” sign out in your yard.

C’mon! Should be EASY! Could be FUN! SHOW THE WORLD that YOU believe, in PERSON as well as on social media, that the world would be SO MUCH BETTER off without guns that YOU are WILLING to TAKE A STAND! That YOU, instead of keyboard virtue signalling, are ready, willing and able to prove to ALL of us, EVERYWHERE, that YOU have the greater good of ALL HUMANITY in your core of cores!

Or do you REALLY NOT have the SACK for that kind of reality?

A word of advice. I don’t CARE which way you swing politically. The Founding Documents are available online. You can print them out or you can get a copy, (even a pocket-sized one like I carry EVERYWHERE I GO), for the price of postage.


Short of what you believe to be your Creator, Higher Power or G/D, it’s our ONLY HOPE.




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