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April 4, 2020

“Lou, You Nazi!”

“GRAMMAR”, that is.

I have been “into” computers since the advent of the PC. I believe it was 1989, maybe ’90. That works out to plus or minus twenty-eight years. In the last twenty I haven’t seen a single program into which you type words, (not code), that doesn’t have a spell checker. Many of them even have grammar and style checkers, or at least, setup templates. While I don’t use the style sheets for the essays I submit here, I have used them, and continue to when I need them.

Why, in this day and age, does that make me a “Nazi”?

Because it MATTERS. We laugh at all of the Left’s screw-ups, from Barack Obama to David Hogg. DON’T think for a SECOND that THEY won’t make “hillbilly hay” out of it. The “message”, any message, might not be lost on you and me. But it WILL be lost in the translation from “a eloquent portrayal of the issue” to “look at these bohunks bitterly clinging”. It’s why I spend as much time as I do making sure that WE don’t get caught up in the FAKE NEWS that we accused them so roundly of in the run-up to the election and why it pains me to see our message lost, (not on you. Not on me. Not on anyone who agrees with the principles of our Constitution), but on those people who could be swayed but won’t be if we’re nothing more than “deplorable” Jethro Bodines.  What a way to tear Amendments One and Two from the parchment and create an education establishment that will “fix that for you”.

Because it matters that they can and will use it to show what a bunch of hicks “the 2A people” are.  So, why give them a reason to disqualify a perfectly good post or meme?  C’mon. It will happen. You know it will happen. You know what stuff like this can do, even ONCE, to the credibility of a post, argument or meme. Hell’s bells, WE do it ALL the TIME. THEY will, too!  BANK on it. My sincerest hope is that we can stop being complacent about who is or is not a “grammar Nazi” and pull ourselves, collectively, UP so we don’t fall DOWN under the hooves of the myriad academics they have on their side. In education, media and so many other circles “they” have portrayed US as dim-witted slobs and simple spelling issues can and will be used against us.  “Know thy enemy”.  We DO. We know how they operate. It’s how we became “bitter clingers”, “deplorables” and assorted “ists” and “phobes”. College campuses are littered with Lib PhDs. All of whom enjoy the rapt attention of the mainstream Left. THEY consider US to be “the huddled unwashed”. The coastal “bubble” people think that once you cross the George Washington bridge and before you cross the Golden Gate, we spend our weekends sleeping it off under the hitch end of our homes before we head of to church to get our “opiate of the masses” while dodging “tornaders”. We MUST be BETTER than they at their own game!  How quickly we chuckle, laugh out loud, post and re-post their errata and stupidity with Tide pods, tattoos, piercings and un-natural hair color. WHY, oh WHY would we be so willing to make their job so much easier for them?  Because spell check is way too complicated?  C’mon. You’re better than that. I know it. You know it. It’s time for THEM to know it. In no uncertain terms. Before it’s to late and David Hogg changes his address to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Hey, I’m no “suit wearing English professor” or anything of the sort. Truth be told, I don’t even own one. I had to borrow one from my brother for a funeral!  But I DO, at least, give a passing nod to the basic tenets and structures of the English language. Look, I’m not speaking to typing quickly in a social media thread. That’s one thing. But even there an argument can be decided by apparent intellect. The creation of memes and signs is another thing. PR/Public Image matter!  Our Founders did a pretty good job at spelling. Not too bad at grammar, (in our time compared to theirs), while securing the future of our Republic. WHY is it so bad to want us to show our best and brightest ideas with the best and brightest eloquence?

I dare say it isn’t.

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