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August 7, 2020

UACs And Other Nit-Picking. (WOW! Forgot to hit “publish”!)

Maxine Waters says Americans are ‘sick and tired of’ all of Trump’s winning, calls for him to be removed from office.

Waters made her comments after taking the podium at the Families Belong Together rally in downtown Los Angeles, one of the many rallies staged across the country urging for the reunification of separated families.

I’m starting to think it might be a good idea for “mainstream” Democrats and “Classical” Liberals to sit home this November. With the number of radical-wing “Progressives” winning Democrat primaries, even against long-term incumbents, you MIGHT want to hope they DON’T win. House OR senate.  “Fake news” may be the least of the issues, except for how it affects the new, HARD Left-wing, base.

1475 of the 2,200 – odd children “missing” were NOT “separated from their parents by ICE”. They were UACs. Un Accompanied Children. They showed up at the border either alone or in “cattle cars” with no one presenting as a parent or guardian. (ppd from) ~ Sen. Rob Portman, (R-OH), to FRONTLINE, (PBS) & AJ Willingham, CNN. Some of them are holdovers from the previous administration, (Rich Lowery, National Review).

“If you’re a parent or you’re a single person or you happen to have a family, if you cross between the ports of entry, we will refer you for prosecution. You’ve broken U.S. law.” ~ DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen.

The provocateurs are shrieking about them being ripped from their families. In large part, it just ain’t so. Some of them are referred to juvenile facilities for either being a drug mule or gang affiliation. Some who arrive unaccompanied are, if not interdicted, SOLD into slavery either in labor camps or sex rings. some of the ones that are interdicted faced that fate and are spared from it. Would you rather be lost in a system and IN that situation or NOT in that situation?

Secretary Nielsen’s comment is the most important. If you come in through a port of entry and claim asylum, you’re “good to go”, so to speak. Cross between, you are a CRIMINAL, PERIOD. If you commit a crime, ANY crime, you are separated from your child. Just the way the game is played. “You pays your money & you takes your chances”. That money, which, face it, poor families can ill afford to lose, gets paid to coyotes who work for the cartels. Those people are nothing more than chattel. We’ve seen incident after vile incident of semi-trailers FULL of people, some of whom never make it…alive. As soon as a coyote gets the “scent” of CBP agents, they abandon their “cargo” and slink into the night.

The single most HUMANE thing we can do is BUILD THE WALL.

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