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November 12, 2019

Making It “Better”?

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. Speaking AS a person who has both drawn and shed blood for my country.

When I see a row of battle-aged MEN trying to get into MY country, I’m told that they will make my country “better”. I am prone to ask why they don’t make THEIR OWN country “better”. Now, mind, I’m being serious.

WE the PEOPLE, (well, our national forbears, at least), fought against THE largest and “best” standing army in the known world.

And we won.

We didn’t run, we fought.  Many died where they stood, victim to the volleys of fire from George 3’s Redcoats and/or the Hessian mercenaries.

But we WON.

Even though it wasn’t “THE” popular sentiment, we won.  Sheer dogged determination.  (Well, that plus a hefty dose of Lafayette and vonSteuben).  Don’t mess with us, we say, we’ll cross a frozen river to get you while you sleep.  In the middle of the night.  On Christmas.  Believe us, we’ve DONE IT.

Some time later, we fought again and PRESERVED our Union.  Whether against the British, the Mexicans or even each other, we WON.

So much for 5th grade history and back to the original point.  How much “better” are thousands of battle-age men, fleeing “oppression”, (but leaving their women and children behind to FACE that oppression), going to make my country?  WHY are they NOT making their own country “better”?  Countries that benefit from wonderful climates, long growing seasons, terrific beaches for fantastic tourism.  Oil reserves.  Eco-tourism.  Trade, especially in produce.  Bought a green bell pepper lately?  A banana?

When some random platoon of Redcoats entered a village, hamlet, town, a hue and cry was loosed.  “Minutemen” were dispatched.  Some of them died.  Some of them were hurt.  Some, “just a scratch” and others badly enough to die, suffering, days or weeks later and IF they survived, they lived in pain.  WITH PRIDE, but in pain.

What separates them from us?  “Manana”.  It is my long-held belief, one that has NEVER been shaken, that EVERYONE and EVERYTHING South of the Rio Grande is 110% CORRUPT.  Not only is it MY belief, but many, MANY, (did I say MANY, yet?), people who have BEEN THERE, (and not at some resort behind walls and fences that are immoral and don’t work), seem to hold.

Pick up a rock.  A bottle.  A bottle of gas.  A slingshot.  A blow-gun.  KILL the guy with the AK.  TAKE that AK and kill the rest of the squad.  Take their weapons and ammunition.  Use THAT to take out the next squad.  To use a trope from a 1970s shampoo ad, “and so on and so on”.

Make YOUR country “better”!  Of course, the very first thing you’ll do is apply for “aid” and such from the U.S. and the U.N..  Of course, part “deux” is that YOU, TOO will be corrupt and succumb to the “deals” offered by the cartels to use your arable land to grow poppy and marijuana and send your OWN young, battle-age men to the U.S. border fleeing oppression from YOU, the new boss.  Same as the old boss.

And I’M left “holding the bag” for your prosperity.  Because a significant part of your GDP is the U.S. DOLLAR sent BACK to the women and children left in “oppression” once again.

Or, are you really just a bunch of WUSSIES?

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