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June 24, 2018


P-QRM #99: Playing Catch-Up

We are so busy in this podcast; trying to fit in as much as we can in 2 hours (yes, 2 hours). Covered in this edition: 100 days of the Trump administration, the antifa (we call them babies) North Korea, Ryan and his reluctance to do his part as an American and so many other

PQRM#94: Hey, Hollywood: Do You Honestly Believe You’re Relevant??

Yep, we have to spend some time on the idiocy of Hollywood; with their videos, protests, statements (mostly inane) against the upcoming Trump administration (love! the sound of that!) And, Paul Ryan still doesn’t either believe the election results or he’s in some self-afflicted fog. He’s talking about the “Dreamers” and how there won’t be

P-QRM #21: GOP Convention

What a convention! The GOP wrapped up its convention and the team of Romney/Ryan has hit the road. We review some of the highlights. A true American hero has passed; Neil Armstrong, first American astronaut to walk on the Moon. We have lost one of the greats.. All that and more on this episode of

SOTU speech not so good..

The President’s State of the Union speech was  a speech of many personalities. It was a combination of how wonderful America is, the “first nation to be founded for the sake of an idea”.  There were parts that sounded rah-rah America, which was heartening, until you remembered who was saying them.  Since Barack Obama’s  ideology