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May 23, 2019

Another Election, Another Disappointment From the GOP…

I had started work on a column yesterday congratulating Mitt Romney on his win. Overly optimistic, you may say, but it was just a way to stay ahead of the game on my part to be timely.

Unfortunately, as I write this column, I look at the next 4 years with dread. We have Obama for an additional 4 more years. Plenty of time for him to inflict as much damage as possible to our country, our heritage, our way of life. In his victory speech, Obama said ‘there was a lot more work to do’.

Work? What he really meant with the use of that world was: our final transformation from a representative republic is in the works.  Our change from a country where life is cherished and respected, with a strong economy, a strong military and is steeped in Judeo-Christian values to a European style socialist country where government intrudes in every part of your life and people who want to destroy your heritage are given carte blanche in the name of diversity…well, it’s almost complete.

To any of you who believe that life will get better for you in the next four years, well, you’re in for a rude awakening.

Let’s start with some of the new taxes that will be enacted in January 2013. (For the record, George W. Bush had nothing to do with them).

1. If you’re married, the marriage penalty comes back.

2. If you have children, the dependent tax credit decreases from $1000.00 to $500.00 per child.

3. A typical middle income family earning about $40,000 and $60,000 a year would see a tax increase of about $2,000. The average federal tax rate, including all taxes, would reach 24.3 percent, up five percentage points.

4.  Add to this expiration of the Bush tax cuts and additional taxes due to implementation of Obamacare and you are going to see a dwindling middle-class. The demise of the middle-class is a large part of Obama’s agenda for America. He will bring America to its knees economically, declare capitalism doesn’t work and then install a socialist economy with government in more control of your life and money.

Other changes? The Muslim community in this country will be further emboldened to implement Sharia Law throughout the country. This will not be a full assault, but rather a step by step approach into our judicial and legislative systems. They will work to intimidate legislators using claims of prejudice and demands of  religious freedom while enacting  changes to judicial decisions through lawsuits. Yes, this is already occurring, but be prepared to see even more.

Our military will be weakened, not only by social engineering, but by budget cuts, cuts in contracts to the defense industry. Full disclosure: my husband works for a defense contractor and is in danger of losing his job in January.

Intelligence assets.  I entered NSA during the Carter administration. After 18 months of being in office he managed to strip our intelligence capabilities down to bare bones. One of the reasons the Soviet Union was able to enlarge their military capabilities and their sphere of influence throughout the world was because we had no idea what they were doing and therefore had no clear plan to counteract their moves, both politically and militarily.

I see the same happening with Putin and the new version of the Soviet Union. I don’t care if it’s called Russia; the same old Communist ideals are alive and well through Putin and his cronies. Barack Obama is going to be under his boot. Willingly. Don’t forget his exchange with Medvedev and the statement “I’ll have more flexibility after the election.”

The intelligence community will be subject to budget cuts also, putting our country at even more risk of terror attacks and enabling spying operations from our enemies to become well established. And the political correctness pervasive in this administration will prevent important intel info from being released to the proper agencies or authorities, putting troops and/or civilians in danger.

We are between a rock and a hard place, folks.

So what happened? Many people are saying G-d didn’t hear their prayers, or He wants us to fight harder, etc, etc,.. No.  Remember the small print people keep forgetting to read? There’s this little thing called ‘free will’.  The Almighty had nothing to do with it.

Folks, it was the GOP. I have no problem pointing fingers. They gave us Dole, McCain and now Romney. They were all chosen by the establishment and basically shoved down our throats. To hell with what we wanted.

When Herman Cain was fighting for his political life, they stood by and did nothing. Their excuse was they couldn’t show favoritism. Excuse me?  A fellow Republican was getting eaten alive by the Democrats. The excuse of favoritism was a dodge so the Dems could do the dirty work for them, namely: take another person out for their golden child Romney.

Three strikes and you’re out. There was no fight in this campaign. As always they didn’t fight back at the downright lies of the Democrats. Nothing was said.

We had ads saying that Romney killed a steel-workers wife,  when he lost his job and health insurance. She developed cancer. Never mind that her illness occurred after Romney left Bain and she had her own health insurance. No response by the GOP.

The notorious “War on Women”! Horrors! You would have thought the Romney/Ryan gang was going to come in the middle of the night for their birth control pills.. Again, no response ..Democrats played this one perfectly.

I could go on and on, but you get the point.

The real reason we lost is that the Democrats played this using as many Communist tactics as possible, manipulating the press, using events to their advantage; even skewing the facts to use it to their advantage.  And why not? They are now the Communist Party in America. Bullying tactics are part of their modus operandi. They do it well.

All the time, the GOP was still playing as if they’re in the 1950’s. Nice, civilized; no need to offend anyone…And they didn’t fight against the bullies.

Until the GOP recognizes that this is no longer a ‘Gentleman’s Game’, learns more about their Marxist enemy; their tactics, their motivation, the GOP will be headed for the ash heap of history.

I think it’s too late for them. As for myself, I don’t want to be in that heap with them. I am no longer a Republican.






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