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May 23, 2019

P-QRM #26: What the Hell Just Happened?

Well, the GOP lost another one. And since Lou and Ann Marie aren’t what you call wallflowers, they do let their true feelings known. Not only did Maine and NH go over to the dark side, so did our home state, NJ, ; although that was 99.9% predictable. Of course, Chris Christie didn’t help by embracing Obama.

We go through some of the reasons why the GOP lost this election.. and refuse to take the blame for this one because: WE TOLD YOU SO! and the breakdown of why some people voted and why some didn’t.

Some of the immediate consequences of this election are already being felt with layoffs. We go through some of the companies that have handed out pink slips within the first 24 hours of the election results.

Also, the Obama administration has wasted no time trying to force their communist agenda with the US support of the UN small arms ban and the ban on oil drilling on western Federal lands.

All this and much more on the newest Political QRM.


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