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May 23, 2019

The Gospel According to John…

A friend of mine wrote a small, but powerful piece on the mind-set of the American people. I’d like to share it here. 

 “And then Obama took the American people to a mountain top and told them to look out at the world and told them that he would give them everything; all of it could be theirs; the food stamps, the EBT cards, free cell-phones for everyone, free contraceptives and abortions for all, affordable health care; the rich would pay for all; evil businesses would be made to pay for making people work, no more need for armies and navies; peace would reign throughout the world. All the people had to do was to bow down and to worship him.

And it came to pass that all the people went to vote to decide whether to bow down and worship THE ONE.

    And when the vote was counted the people shouted, “Hail Obama! You are the Messiah! You are THE ONE! Mighty Obama, give us our stuff! Take the money from the greedy rich and avaricious business owners and give it to us so that we might be rich also!”

    And THE ONE took the money from the rich and he redistributed it among the poor; and with myriad rules and regulations HE put the businesses out of business so that they were no longer greedy. And the people shouted, “More! More! We want more! Oh great ONE, give us more!” And THE ONE gave more until one day there were no more rich people or businesses………..and one day there was no more.

    And THE ONE said to the people, “I have created a fair society where all are equal; no rich, no greedy business owners, but there is no more. You shall all be equally poor now, for that is only fair. You shall be like the people of Cuba and North Korea who are all equally miserable.”

And the people cried and wailed and gnashed their teeth and shouted, “We have been lied to! We have believed the empty promises of THE ONE! We have worshipped a false god and sold our souls! GOD HELP US!” They implored.

But it was too late. America, once the beacon of liberty, the envy of the world, the greatest force for improving the human condition that the world had ever known,……………………..had ceased to exist; despite its glorious aspirations America had becomes just another foot-note in the long, sad history of mankind.”


John DiBernardo, New Hampshire native, is the great, great grandson, great grandson, and grandson of Irish and Italian immigrants, who, despite his Italo-Hibernian ancestry, considers himself the epitome of the frugal, rock-ribbed Republican Conservative for which New Hampshire was once noted. Although he has neither held, nor run for public office he is known in his community for his relevant and cogent contributions to local talk-radio. He can often be seen, wearing his customary wide-brimmed outback hat, walking, bicycling, or, if in a hurry, riding his thirty-six year old mo-ped as he peruses his community.

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