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May 23, 2019

P-QRM #30: The Coming Zombie Apocalypse…Are You Ready?!?

Lou’s back!!  So this podcast, we’re doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

We start with the great threat that has prompted the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to put out a pamphlet on dealing with the Zombie Apocalypse. No, this is not an ‘ONION’ skit. Taxpayer dollars were used for this piece of trash.

Also, teenagers in different schools throughout the country have boycotted their school lunches and throwing out Michelle Obama’s delightful additions, so the USDA has backtracked on the mainly veggie lunches and is getting back to something more normal for growing minds and bodies.

And,  American Lit class will never be the same..They’re throwing out the Classics and substituting…..Insulation manuals??

Michigan has voted for Right-to Work putting a dent in the union coffers (not as much money going to  Dems..)

And we also talk about something that really isn’t mentioned in the MSM…the abuse that Conservative Afro-Americans receive from members of their own race..simply because of their political leanings.

All this and more on this week’s Political QRM… Glad you’re back Lou!

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