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May 23, 2019

Mitt Romney: Con Man Extraordinaire

In a recent interview, Tagg Romney said his dad, Mitt Romney didn’t really want to be President. Supposedly he was pressured by Ann Romney and the family to run. Hundreds of million dollars later, we now discover good old Mitt was a reluctant candidate. Don’t you feel as if you’ve been elected to the suckers club and you didn’t know it?

This revelation opens up a bunch of doors on the failed political run. Not only does it prove that Mitt Romney was not the right GOP Presidential candidate; it proved that all of us “naysayers” were right. Seriously, was there really any doubt about that?

So many of us had said he wouldn’t be able to beat Obama; not because of his background, but because he didn’t know how to run against a Communist backed candidate. What I find amazing is the utter stupidity of the GOP elites and their hacks to persist in their oft repeated cries of mea culpas on their part in not attracting the focus groups. Ridiculous. Mitt wasn’t a strong candidate to begin with. And he fell into the trap, as did McCain of saying that Obama was a ‘nice guy’ or words to that effect. No, anyone who wants to destroy this country inside out, tear and spit on the Constitution is not a nice guy.

Next: the assertion by Tagg that Mitt was pressured by the family. Nonsense. You just don’t decide to run for this country’s highest office because wifey wants you to. The GOP talking heads and the elites were grooming Mitt for this since he lost to McCain. Old, ugly and cranky didn’t work last time, so they thought it was time for another Reagan Revolution, except the only resemblance was that he had a good head of hair like Ronald Reagan did. That was it. He didn’t have Reagan’s strength, the confidence that Reagan had in his own beliefs and he had nowhere near Reagan’s ability to communicate his ideas and beliefs. Ronald Reagan really believed in that ‘Shining city on a hill’. All Mitt Romney wanted to do was live in it, we now learn.

Okay, so he wasn’t the candidate we Conservatives wanted. But when the smoke cleared from the primaries we figured he was a heck of a lot better than Obama.  He didn’t have a death wish for this country and since he believed in capitalism and freedom, he needed our support. So, we jumped on the Romney bandwagon.

Many people gave their time, their money, traveled far distances to see and support him during his speeches. The people that  supported him were small businessmen who saw their hard work of many years heading down the drain due to regulations and heavy taxes imposed by the Obama administration. You had parents who looked at their children and realized their dreams for them would become even more unattainable if Obama was re-elected. There were military people who saw their efforts and the efforts of their dead buddies count for naught since the orders coming from their Commander in Chief were to appease the enemy and not destroy them; thereby putting their lives even in more danger.

Many people like myself were reluctant supporters. But because of our background, or just common sense, saw our country being destroyed and knew that if we didn’t work and support the GOP candidate it was all over.

And many people gave so much of themselves, and prayed and worked tirelessly to put Mitt Romney in the White House and after all that we discover:  he didn’t want it.

I consider that such a deception on the lowest level of decency, it disgusts me. We were led to believe that we had a candidate who was going to work tirelessly to bring this country back to the top; that he understood the stakes and many people were holding out hope.

We were deceived and used horribly. Ticked off doesn’t express the feeling I have over this revelation. Was this just some lark he decided to embark on, like some round the world cruise? Is Mitt so removed from reality that he honestly believed the disclosure of this information was just going to be shrugged off by so many in this country ? Apparently so. We were led to believe by speeches at the convention he was such a caring man and he would do anything for anyone. Who wouldn’t want a man like that for President? Wow, low blow to realize he couldn’t care less.

I look at this latest information and thought of other GOP candidates who really understood the fight we were in and saw the stakes.  All of them were thrown to the wolves in the mainstream media by the GOP heads when false stories were circulated and averred to be the gospel truth. All because those people wanted Mitt Romney as the nominee. So the other nominees were discarded in favor of:  “THE ONLY CANDIDATE WHO COULD BEAT OBAMA”.  How many times did we hear that mantra from the GOP heads?

The last time we saw something like this was when Obama got elected in 2008 and Hillary Clinton was thrown out of the race by the Democrats  Many of us laughed and knew that all his promises were just one big act to get elected. We recognized a phony when we saw one. Now in light of this revelation from Tagg, we see that we are now in the same boat as those poor ‘uninformed voters’, to quote Rush Limbaugh..

In 2013, when Obama takes the oath of office again, (G-d help us) Mitt Romney, his family and their friends won’t be affected by the policies coming out of the 2nd Obama administration. They’ll have their money to cushion the blow. To them, it didn’t matter whether he won or lost.

To those who gave their all in trying to get him elected, they were the victims of  the ultimate con. He played the game using the GOP as the shills to draw us in and the American public became the biggest suckers in the history of America. Thanks, Mitt.


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