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April 23, 2019

P-QRM #32: Auld Lang Syne..Bye-Bye 2012

Our last show of 2012. We look ahead to 2013 and give a few tips on how to make life a little easier for yourself. Food storage, stocking up on other necessities and protecting yourself.  No, we’re not wearing  “the tin-foil hats” as Lou says, but with the tax increases coming up, and obvious hard times ahead, we should be prepared. Nothing wrong with that.

Congress just doesn’t get it regarding budgeting and we have many suggestions for them on how to deal with it; including cutting off aid to those who hate us…What a radical idea!

Future of gun ownership in this country and the furor over the  newspaper that published the names of gun owners in counties in upstate NY.

The National Defense Authorization Act was passed and we talk about the ratifications and how it affects our constitutional rights.

We also discuss the TSA; that wonderful organization responsible for your safety at the airports and how many of them you wouldn’t invite into your home..

Much more in this latest edition of Political QRM.

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