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February 24, 2019

Quick Hits: February 18, 2013

We have been absent from the airwaves due to sickness (must be a government plot) and scheduling. So, time for the written word. A few thoughts on some of the latest goings on..

1. POTUS is in Florida playing golf with none other than Tiger Woods. An article in the British newspaper The Telegraph writes about the press blackout for this trip. Considering the 12million Americans out of work and the 16Trillion dollars in debt we’re in; this is almost like Marie Antoinette..nope,  that’s Michelle Obama who is vacationing in Aspen…Okay, so he’s Nero, who ‘fiddled while Rome burned’.. a metaphor of course, but true, so true.

2. Chuck Hagel, the left’s darling and nominee to become Secretary of Defense is having a bit of trouble..No one likes him.  Sens. Lindsey Graham (SC), Kelly Ayotte (NH) and John McCain (AZ) are out there giving good reasons why this guy shouldn’t be confirmed.Not only are his anti-Semitic remarks sinking his nomination, his views on the defense of this nation would weaken our ability to defend ourselves and our allies should the need arise..

As a former DOD employee and one who actually believes this country needs a strong military and intelligence effort, this nomination and John Brennan’s nomination to head the CIA are two of the most irresponsible and scary ones I have seen in a long time. Leon Panetta was bad enough; he had no DOD experience, but these two are not on our side, folks.

 John Brennan, through his remarks on the topic of jihad, calling it a “Holy Struggle” makes him completely unqualified to be head of CIA.  His use of the term ‘holy struggle’  makes it appear to be an inner conflict, when in fact it’s a call to arms against those who are not Muslim. Brennan’s obvious alliance with those who want to destroy Western civilization, not to mention their desire to install Sharia compliancy within all societies, makes him not only unqualified to be CIA head, it makes him unqualified to be an American. Get him out of there, now..

3. And the people who have once remained silent are now coming out and letting their thoughts known. Dr Benjamin Carson, Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins gave a rousing speech at the National Prayer Breakfast last week that spoke of common sense with regard to healthcare and economic policies in this country . They were in direct opposition to those of President Obama who was sitting on the dais and watching and listening to every word. He was one unhappy puppy.

Of course, Dr Carson was excoriated by the left. Candy Crowley of CNN asked if this was the “right place”to be doing this. What she really meant that the remarks were inappropriate because they called out Obama’s policies.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D- Ill) called the remarks inappropriate and that he was “invoking G-d”. This was done at a prayer breakfast….invoking G-d….horrors!  Of course for Democrats anyone else other than they or agents representing their views to invoke G-d is blasphemy against the secular religion. Morons, all of them.

4. Karl Rove, the GOP’s elite darling has formed a PAC called the ‘Conservative Victory Project’ .  He says it’s to weed out the people who can’t win elections, but what it does is ensure that no Tea Party or Conservatives are in the general elections. Tea Party groups are mobilizing to combat this assault. I think it’s time for Karl Rove to hang up his white board. Fox News had let him go after the November 2012 election, recently rehired him, while firing Dick Morris, even though they both had been incorrect on the election results. One has to figure with the new Rove PAC, Fox News is betting on a ratings bonanza with the infighting to come within the GOP. More on this and the GOP’s future in a future column.

That’s it for today. President’s Day, 2013, I cannot sign off without a quote from one of America’s greatest Presidents: Ronald Reagan.

“We are too great a nation to limit ourselves to small dreams. We are not, as some would have us believe, doomed to an inevitable decline. I do not believe in a fate what will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing. So, with all the creative energy at our command, let us begin an era of national renewal. Let us renew our determination, our courage, and our strength. And let us renew our faith and our hope. We have every right to dream heroic dreams.”

First Inaugural address, January 20, 1981

(Italics mine) 



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