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June 18, 2019

P-QRM #34: Who are these two people….???

Remember us? Lou and Ann Marie?? Well, we weren’t spirited away on a alien spaceship; but it was aliens that attacked both of us at different times.. Being hit by these nasty viral infections was not pleasant, but we’ve managed to recover and we’re back.

So, as we try to catch up (please bear with us) this podcast is a tad longer than most. Topics include: gun control and the 2nd amendment, our Americans’ dwindling paychecks and ammunition buys by Dept of Homeland Security, Social Security Administration and the IRS?!?!

Also, we begin with changing face of America starting with a  look at words being used in the past used  frequently to describe the Soviet Union and now are being used to describe this country.

This and more on this week’s Political QRM.

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