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June 18, 2019

P-QRM#37: Obama in Israel: “Where’s the golf course..?”

First we cover Obama’s trip to Israel which in reality was his vacation while his wife and kids went to the Bahamas. His comments to the “college” (really, how many of them were actually in college) students  encouraging them to go around the government ..What a great guy.. Then, over to Jordan where it didn’t turn out to be the love fest he hoped for. Plus, does anyone really believe the “Beast” had the wrong fuel pumped in…? Yeah, right..

Gun control, Nanny Bloomberg’s $12M attack on our 2nd Amendment and crazy Uncle Joe’s latest comments are also included.

But one public service ad:

For those in and around Naples, Maine … On  April 20, 2013 there will be an anti-Agenda 21 informational session  It will be at the Lakes Region High School; 6-8PM. Dr. Michael Coffman, noted expert on the green agenda and President of Environment Perspectives, Inc. will be the speaker.

All this and more on PoliticalQRM

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