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April 22, 2019

P-QRM #43: And the list of scandals keeps growing..

Benghazi testimony by Gregory Hicks, a career State Department employee  (and who is a registered Democrat and voted for both Hillary and Obama) was eye-opening. It looks as if the MSM is starting to take a look at this since the latest stats on ad revenue for the big 3 networks is steadily dropping. Ah, the effect of Capitalism! Hmmm, didn’t someone out there say they would start reporting it if it could be a money maker?? (It was me..!)

Also, the IRS has been targeting conservative groups since 2010 and some of them simply because they support the Constitution.

And a nightmare that when I woke up was happy that Obama was  still president …for about 5 seconds.. argghh…

All this and more on this edition of Political QRM.

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