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February 23, 2019

P-QRM #45: What Are You Prepared To Do?

In this latest broadcast, Lou gives voice to his thoughts on being a Democratic-Republican and why he feels more Americans should embrace the simple idea of embracing the Constitution (again) as a means of running this country.

Changes in the media with Al-Jazeera coming to this country and the number of MSM people that are becoming a part of it and the death of journalism.

The 2016 Presidential election is becoming more of a topic and we focus on a few of the candidates: Dems and Republicans..

Ann Marie finally loses it over the Snowden/NSA debacle: if you have small children you might want them to leave the room..

And: “popular perception” and its effect on issues of the day: Snowden, presidential politics and how the media manipulates their viewership.

Changing the political climate: Lou asks the question: What are you prepared to do?

All this and more on Political QRM.


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