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February 24, 2019

Armageddon: Courtesy of Obama and the RINOs

Obama wants desperately for the United States to bomb Syria based on an unsubstantiated report that Bashar Al-Assad used sarin gas on his people. Granted, he probably does have the weapons that were missing from Iraq when our forces invaded that country, but there are probably military or civilians personnel in his government that are more sympathetic to Al-Qaeda than loyal to Assad. If they had access to the weapons, they could use it and blame Assad, thereby making him the guilty party. Of course, Assad has not been known to be the kindest leader in the world, but this is the Middle East, where violence among people is the norm.

But Obama is pushing this attack beyond reason. It is almost as if he owes someone a favor and is doing his best to hold up his end of the bargain. He and John Kerry are almost fanatical in their pursuit of military action.

Americans are overwhelmingly against it, with both conservatives and liberals together in pursuit of dialing back the rhetoric on a attack on Syria. Strange bedfellows, indeed…..

The people who are putting fuel into this action on Syria are none other than the RINOs of the GOP.  John McCain and Lindsay Graham are leading the charge, with dire predictions of nuclear war and increased attacks by Assad if we don’t act. Their insistence on military action is beyond reason. Both the RINOs and Obama seemed joined at the hip on this journey toward a certain escalation of tensions and attacks in the Middle East. Iran is already threatening retaliation of this attack on Israel, and Russia and China are warning of dire consequences if we do take military action.

So why? Why are Obama and the RINOs going ahead? Obama is definitely at the end of his rope in convincing the world that he is a leader in words in deeds. Americans wised up years ago and now China and Russia realize that he is nothing but a paper tiger. The rest of the world is now seeing his ineffectiveness as a leader.

The RINOs are almost in the same position. They want so badly to live up to the media’s idea of what a Republican should be and G-d forbid, don’t want to seem racist, so they gladly climb into the same sinking boat as Obama. Both parties are desperately trying to salvage their reputations as leaders so they band together in a project that won’t be beneficial to anyone, least of all the Syrians.

In the end we have a Nobel Peace Prize winner along with a bunch of ineffective, weak-kneed politicians who are all more interested in their reputations and political legacy instead of taking their positions as leaders seriously. Their hubris just may bring about WWIII and certain death to millions of people, not only in the Middle East, but in this country also.

Wow, what a legacy to leave.

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