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March 25, 2019

P-QRM #49: While Obama Fiddles….

We had a small break from our last podcast, so we tried to touch on as many issues as we could in this session.

The Washington Navy Yard massacre perpetrated by a mentally ill person, another tragedy that could have been avoided if that person was off the streets.

We also discuss the changes pushed by the liberals since the 1950’s to allow mentally ill people out on the streets and the lack of facilities to keep them off the streets and safe.

Syria: Obama and his standoff with Putin resulted in Obama looking weaker than ever..Some American military even went so far as to be photographed in full-dress uniforms with signs over their faces in protest of intervention in Syria.

And 3 US troops were killed in Afghanistan by one of the ‘friendly’ Afghani troops.

A note: the Androscoggin County, Maine GOP is having a fundraiser featuring Madison Rising, October 19 at the Lewiston Armory. Info is here. Partial proceeds go to Wounded Warriors.


All this and more on this week’s Political QRM



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