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May 23, 2019

A Little Time Has Elapsed….

For any of you out there who were readers of this blog: (all 5, okay, all 4 of you) it has been at about 2 years since Lou and I have written anything. Due to a nasty hack, then health problems (you don’t want to know) and life, well,  it was tough trying to keep it up. So, we just let it go.

But, the time has come to make a concerted effort to keep this blog up and running. With everything going on in the world, we need to add our voices to those who want a change in this country and the world. We are at a crossroads, my friends, and we can’t just idly sit by, watch and not do anything. More than strong voices are needed. This is one way I can make a contribution to the effort.

So, Political QRM is back in 2016. There’s a lot to say and believe me,  I’ll have no problem saying it.

Happy New Year!!  Buckle up people…

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