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June 2, 2023

Another Day, Another Attack..When Does Western Civilization Say “Enough”!?

Once more, people massacred; hundreds injured. Candlelight vigils to mourn the victims; an increased police and military presence in cities throughout the world. Another terrorist attack. Same crap different day.

European leaders insist that it is ‘only a few’ of the Muslims responsible for these atrocities.. And I shake my head at that statement, wondering if they would sacrifice any of their family to back up their beliefs.. Of course not. Yet they’re more than willing to sacrifice innocents in their country to their politically correct g-d.. And anyone else who decides to speak the truth about the ‘religion of peace’ is arrested. When a teacher in a Belgian classroom had tweeted that his Muslim students were too busy celebrating to stay quiet in class, the local police told him to stop his tweeting, so as not to upset the Muslim community. I think they’re already upset, don’t you? And if they get upset by a lousy tweet telling the truth, the world is worse off than we thought.

America’s ‘leader’, Obama, is busy doing ‘the wave’ at a baseball game with Cuban Communists who are responsible for thousands of their countrymen being killed, tortured or locked up never to be heard from again. He’s called ISIS the JV team and by his latest actions, it doesn’t appear he’s changed his mind. And now, he’s dancing in Argentina.. What does he care?

Now it turns out 2 Americans have been confirmed dead and two others are missing. This was known a day later, yet nothing was going to keep him from doing that tango in Argentina. Notice how he’s making the rounds of the Communist/Fascist countries? Wonder if he’s laid flowers at Eva Peron’s grave? Wouldn’t put it past him..

Over the past months I’ve seen people throughout Europe holding ‘Refugees Welcome’ signs. Almost a million invaders under the guise of refugees, heartily welcomed by Angela Merkel, have entered Germany: raping, stealing and changing the culture of a country that was once a world leader. Granted, during the first part of the 20th Century, they went a little off kilter: Wilhelm, Hitler; but they came through it, and became an economic power in the world. No more. Their economy is now busy funneling money to the ‘refugees’ and their country has become a tourist no-go area.

Trudeau in Canada has welcomed more Syrian Muslims to his country with a vow to have 25,000 more settle there. France, even with the horrors they’ve experienced are still allowing Muslims in; so is Great Britain, Italy: need I go on? It’s as if they have a suicide pact. Let’s kill Western Civilization by 2020 or some nonsense like that…

But then you look at the world today and realize the leaders of the major industrialized countries are socialist/communist. And yes, Obama is one of them.. Please don’t give me that crap about him being a ‘man of the people’. I know a Communist when I see one… Their actions are hell bent on changing the face of Western Civilization to resemble a model of a communist/socialist Utopia. If you don’t know that’s where there’s a ruling class, well protected from hunger or crime. They’ll still have access to the best medical care; their children will be sheltered at private schools, while the children of the masses deal with their idea of a ‘good education’.  The rest of us will have to scrap for food, security and opportunities, proper medical care and decent education for our children.

At election time, they come out of their ivory towers in DC, Paris, or 10 Downing Street, and of course with a heavily armed escort, they descend into the crowds of voters to listen, nod their heads with understanding, patting hands of the worried (good for the press, you know: shows their compassion..) all the while repeating that famous phrase: they’re ‘fighting for them’. ‘Fighting for them.’ Such an inane bunch of drivel has never been said.

After they’re re-elected they go back to their heavily guarded offices or homes, making laws that squeeze us just a bit more, making our lives more dangerous with the influx of invaders who they deem more deserving of our money than we are.. All in the name of ‘caring’.

We have a 7th century culture intent on wiping out 21st Western Civilization and the leaders of the Western World are helping them. They probably think they and theirs will be safe as long as they assist them in their quest. Fools..

The people of the world, people whose ancestors have struggled throughout the ages to survive, through revolutions, uprisings against Communism, Feudalism are being told they now have to throw it all away to accommodate a 7th Century culture. Oh, yes, that’s exactly the way I want to live.

A quote by one of our founding fathers: Thomas Jefferson. “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government”.

Seems like the leaders of the world, especially our own in this country would do well to read that quote over and over again.

Our Declaration of Independence begins with the words “We The People”. 

It’s time we started remembering exactly what those words mean or we’ll be back struggling like our ancestors long ago..




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