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March 25, 2019

P-QRM#58: And We’re Heading Into the Finish….

Well, here we are again. Unfortunately our attempts to stop after 1 hour have fallen by the wayside..We start talking and we can’t stop. What can I say? We’re 2 people of Italian heritage from New Jersey. So, listen to one hour, then tomorrow you can listen to the other one.. A lot has happened since our last podcast. Indiana primary: Trump won by a mile (well, it is somewhat of a horserace, isn’t it?); both Cruz and Kasich suspended their campaigns.

Of course, the GOP elites are not happy. We talk about their reactions and include in a list of the GOP ‘shining stars‘ who vow not to vote for Donald Trump: courtesy of The Hill.

And two of the brightest people in the world (NOT!) Nancy Pelosi and former President of Mexico Vicente Fox are banding together to stop Trump from being elected. And if you support THE Donald, according to El Presidente, you’re not only stupid, but a bunch of drunkards… Way to go Vinny.

And the city of London has just elected their first Muslim mayor. Bye, bye London.

All this and more on this edition of Political QRM

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