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March 25, 2019

Obama’s Foray into Your Child’s Bathroom…

Warning: some comments in this article may offend the special snowflakes of our culture who constantly need cuddling and affirmation.. To them I say: TOUGH. Don’t read it..

Obama, in his last months of his ‘reign’, is throwing monkey wrenches into our culture. His edict that transgender children should be permitted to use the school bathroom of the sex they identify with is his latest.

NBC  reported the move as ‘historic’ (I say histrionic) and focused on a child who was born a girl, but now identifies as a boy. Fifteen or sixteen years old, you may think? No, this child told her parents at FOUR years of age she wanted to be a boy… This child is now six years old. What the hell is going on in this country? First, a child at that age barely knows what their preferences in food are, and these parents are allowing her to make a decision as to her gender identity? The parents should be charged with child endangerment and given some serious psychiatric treatment.

Look, children at all ages go through a stage in which they want to be different and whether they want to be a fireman, doctor, nurse, acrobat; whatever. Heck, how many girls upon learning about menstruation and their upcoming maturity into a young woman have cried “I wish I was a boy!”  I did. Did my mother say: “Oh, okay, sweetheart, teach me how to pee standing up, cut my hair very short and start shopping in the ‘husky’ boy section of Sears? (I was a chunky kid)  Nope, she looked at me with a smile on her face and said: “Get over it”.. I did. It’s part of the maturation process. But these parents are assuming a maturity on the part of this child that does not yet exist for a while. And in the case of some people it never materializes, but that’s another column..

Some states are fighting it. Texas has said it will not allow it since it did not go through Congress and is another example of Obama’s one man rule. And Lt Gov Dan Patrick has stated he is prepared to forfeit billions of federal tax dollars for education as has been threatened by the Obama administration. His statement: “Obama can keep his thirty pieces of silver”… is an absolute treasure. Love the fact that Texas is not buckling down to a rule that has the potential for damaging effects on children in their schools and the rest of the country.  Look on the bright side: they’ll not have to take part in Common Core and will probably educate Texas’ children without all the social engineering demanded by the Federal Government.

We have here a part of a generation of children who will grow up spending a lot of money on psychiatric treatment because their parents and a disintegrating society who tries to grant their every wish no matter how absurd or dangerous.

Barack Hussein Obama is an agent taking part in that disintegration of our society.. And this is all part of his “transformation” of America.

G-d help us..

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