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February 23, 2019

P-QRM#75: Now We Know How Obama Really Feels About Suffering Americans…

Considering that both Lou and Ann Marie hail from the Garden State, where there is not only grown the most perfect peaches and tomatoes, another crop known as crime families are familiar to both of us. However, we don’t deal with those families whose last names may end in a vowel…but the one that has probably committed more crimes than the five families put together. We’re talking about the Clinton Crime family. With the unexplained death of Julian Assange’s lawyer (he jumped in front of a train..???) Seth Rich and others throughout the decades…well, even gangster Whitey Bulgur up in Massachusetts is probably envious.

Donald Trump did something this past week that Obama has never done: act Presidential with a visit to flood ravaged Louisiana…

Also, poll numbers, Manafort’s departure from the campaign, Hillary’s health problems.. that and more on this edition of Political QRM

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