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May 23, 2019

P-QRM#82: 36 Days to Election and Counting: The Silly Season Begins

As time barrels toward November 8th the attacks from both candidates get more frequent and intense..

The Hillary campaign has started to beat the drum on The Donald’s tax returns, discovering (gasp) he actually took tax laws and used them to offset losses from his company… The New York Times was the leaker on this and after a while even they admitted he did noting illegal.. but very quietly admitting.. Can’t have too many people hear the truth now, can we?

We also take a look at the problems one town on Long Island is having with the MS-13 gang; the real amount of Syrian refugees Obama proudly let into the country and how much that all the money we’re spending on these people could have helped our veterans.

And Lou and Ann Marie disagree on a new military policy which would pay for transgender re-assignment surgery and/or hormone treatments for military members to the tune of about $8.4M /year. Fur flies on this one..

All this and more on this edition of Political QRM

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