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June 18, 2019

Horses to the starting line!!

Well, results of the primaries are in. Lots of surprises; good ones at that. Now comes the hard part. Here in NH there was the Sarah Palin backed candidate for Senate, Kelly Ayotte, who pulled it out with a squeaker.  She has a tough campaign ahead; Paul Hodes is a tough campaigner. Don’t look for him to go gently into that goodnight.

In the 2nd Congressional District, Charlie Bass beat out Conservative Jennifer Horn. Charlie Bass ran as a conservative but he isn’t one. If you take a look at the Republican Main Street Partnership website, you’ll find an assortment of RINOs on the list of Board Members and Elected Officials. Why do I bring this organization up? Well, up until 2 months ago, Charlie Bass’ name was on it. He has been a member of this organization for quite a while and then bam! Suddenly he wears the mantle of a Conservative.. Politics at work again. He is no conservative. Note this article published on the RMSP on September 16, 2010 (2 days after the primary)http://www.republicanmainstreet.org/index.php/pressreleases/detail/id/21 It’s a very telling article and shows that Charlie Bass is no conservative…and there is no difference between him and  his opponent, Democrat Annie Kuster.

First Congressional District: Frank Guinta wins out against a fairly strong Rich Ashooh. The problem in the 1st district is that many transplants from Massachusetts have settled in that part of the state. They turned us into a purple state and that’s why they have Carol Shea Porter as their congressman. Let’s see what happens. Guinta is a strong candidate and should be able to handle the slings and arrows the Democrats will be throwing at him.

Throughout the country, there were many surprises. Carl Paladino beat out Rick Lazio in the NY Republican primary for governor. Paladino is a businessman with no federal political experience. But let’s be realistic: there is politics in business, so I consider him well-seasoned to handle any heavy handed tactics by the Dems. And believe me, if you’re a successful businessman in New York, you have been through the wringer with unions and special interests organizations. He’s experienced enough.

Christine O’Donnell beat out RINO and Dem lap dog Mike Castle. Castle voted for Cap and Trade, the TARP and has a record of voting with the Dems more than the Republicans. He is also a memberof the RMSP…. His blame game against Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity was just sour grapes and is not indicative of a leader, just someone who likes power.

Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski has decided to become a write-in candidate in November. Another gracious loser! She lost to Tea Party backed Joe Miller. It’s obvious her ego is bigger than her principles  and commitment to serve the people of Alaska and the United States.

Ah, and we thought the Democrats had the lock on acting like babies when they lose..! Tsk, tsk. This just shows that both parties have to be cleaned out. This is just the beginning. After we get some conservatives in Congress, the electorate will turn their eyes and efforts to those who poohed poohed the Tea Party, who balked when the lesser know candidates defeated established ones.  We are watching and waiting..!

Until next time: say a prayer for our military servicemen and women. They are the reason I can write this blog and you can read it.. (unless of course we go headlong into Communism) But that’s for another time…

As General George S. Patton said: “Lead me, follow me or get out of my way!”

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