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February 23, 2019

Quick Hits on Energy: April 1, 2011

A few notes on Energy policy:

  • He also said “See, we are already paying a price for our inaction. Every time we fill up at the pump; every time we lose a job or a business to countries that invest more than we do in clean energy; when it comes to our air, our water, and the climate change that threatens the planet you’ll inherit – we are already paying that price.” What? In case he doesn’t know it, we’re losing jobs to India and China, two countries that are near the bottom of the clean energy list… God, help us.
  • And: “I’ve visited gleaming new solar arrays among the largest in the world, tested an electric vehicle fresh off the assembly line, and toured once-shuttered factories where they’re building advanced wind blades as long as a 747 and the towers to support them. I’ve seen the scientists searching for that next big energy breakthrough. And none of this would have happened without government support.”   Government support? Tell two people who thought up the 2 most important inventions of the past 125 yrs… Thomas A. Edison and Henry Ford. And they didn’t ask for one cent from the government.  And those lovely wind farms?  Have they thought about how the energy will get from the turbines to the households needing it?  Plus, why would the clean energy lovers want these behemoths blighting the countryside? We have some up here in NH: they ruin the view and people hate them. Another company wants to put some more in another country town called Antrim. Residents are vehemently against it..
  • Fender Bender reported that sales numbers for the the Chevy Volt fell in February 2011.  In January GM sold 321 of the new plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and 261 in February. Toyota Corp reported Toyota’s US sales in January 2011 were 10,635 and  13,539 for February. Okay, let’s look at this. To be fair, the Chevy Volt is only being delivered to Washington, DC, New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas, New York and California.  Wait a minute.. California? The greenie-weenie state? Hold on, I take it back. There are enough rabid environmentalists in that state that should be putting this car on the economic map. Heck, they should be working on the assembly line to help get these out. Hey, they finally have what they wanted in this car and…..only 261 sold in these five states and D.C.? Where is the gleeful buying hysteria from these people.?   Crickets chirping…and chirping… Oh, well…  I guess they’re not putting their money where their mouth is., but that’s typical of them.

I wish I could say this was all an April Fools’ Day joke, but unfortunately, it’s not.. Sigh…


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