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July 21, 2019

Have We Had Enough Yet?

We find ourselves in the same place as we did 2 weeks ago…dead people at the hands of Islam.. No, not “radical” Islam; just Islam. Erdogan of Turkey said: “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it”

And again we see the collective wringing of hands from the so-called media and their frantic attempts at normalizing these atrocities. They’re more concerned with the POSSIBILITY that someone would strike back at Muslims. Many more people in the world are starting to realize that the real enemy in the minds of the media and many who are in public office and wield power are: you and me.. We’re the real adversary; we’re the ones defeating peace.. If only we’d give Islamists their way: none of this would happen.. How many times do we hear this? Not in so many words, but by actions, condemnations of those who dare defend themselves or their families.

Cries of Islamophobia! by Muslim groups, “racism!” by progressive groups and the media are resounding all around. Hollywood, when they come out of their bubble, preach “peace, open borders and love”…….   Makes you wonder: what the hell are they smoking this week???

Again, let’s go over this… One: Islam is NOT a race… therefore all cries of racism should be shut down.. Anyone, of any race or ethnic group can become a Muslim. However, there is a requirement to be in favor of misogyny, hatred for homosexuals, being given special privileges if you want to get a loan from a bank, rape, lying, and deception. Oh, and victimhood also is high on this list of becoming a Muslim. Have to scream that you’re constantly being victimized if you’re a Muslim. Your children, if they’re in local schools, have to demand that they’re not able to be a proper Muslim if they don’t pray 5 times a day and need a special prayer room. And separate swim times for females, and let’s not forget the ban on pork.Those are also on the agenda.

Adults who take jobs in grocery stores, whether they’re on the floor or a checkout cashier, won’t handle pork or liquor.. So we have to make exceptions for that, also. And again, they need to have time to pray 5 times a day… To hell with schedules, quotas, pulling your weight as an employee of a business; your “religion” demands you drop everything to pray. Yet, you demand you get the same pay as everyone else.

Walking in a Muslim ruled city in the United States? I’d rather be swimming in the ocean with sharks on either side of me. At least I have a chance they’d already eaten, or my blood isn’t to their liking. There are already no-go zones in European countries and they’re spreading here, also. Citizens of those countries best stay out of there, in case they anger Muslims.. oh, and that’s not the fault of the Muslims, either.

When you hear cries of “Islamophobia” by CAIR, it is just to deflect the agony, sadness and disgust when we see the dead bodies of innocent people who were just out enjoying a concert, getting a snack, spending time with loved ones, or just taking in the night air. Muslims are the victims! My G-d, can’t we see that?! How cruel and unfeeling can we be not to see that?

Yet, from these same people that insist they’re the real victims, we see nothing of Islam trying to adapt to the country they’ve emigrated to: it’s the country which has to adapt to them… Uh, people, that’s called a takeover, an invasive force… But again, they’re the victims and we’re the evil preventing them from living their culture.

The jihadi are the army: those who the lefties insist are “moderate” are the civilians waiting for the army to make inroads. In the meantime, the civilians do their best, through lawsuits, intimidation and cries of prejudice to change our society as a whole. Our laws, our culture, our schools, other religious practices, patriotic traditions are considered offensive and must be changed to accommodate their culture..( Yes, Islam is a culture. A 7th century culture from cradle to grave, folks.) Jihadis and civilian Muslims may be separate entities to the outside world, but they’re working toward a common goal: Islam as the prevailing culture. That is their mission.

Notice this major cultural difference between those who committed homicide in the name of Allah and the real victims.. To their relatives, friends, and imams, those who committed these disgusting acts are considered heroes, good Muslims. Their names will be mentioned proudly, chests will puff out with pride. Celebrations will occur, candy will be handed out. These people will be held up to children as the highest of high in Islam: they did their duty and will go to Paradise with 72 virgins..

On the other side: those who have lost loved ones will be forever changed. They will always have that hole in their heart which aches when they think how their loved ones died. Families have been broken, lives have been changed. These victims will be mourned, grieved for. The loss to their families and friends will always be a reminder of the horror we now live in. All the victims ever wanted was a chance to grow up, or grow old, live a life the way they planned.  Unfortunately, that will never happen, since they have been sacrificed to a culture that never has and never will value life. They have been sacrificed willingly by elected leaders who are supposed to protect them.

The largest differences between two cultures has never been more glaring. How many lives must be lost in the name of political correctness and Islam before ordinary people say enough?

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