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February 23, 2019

Quick: Name the Good Guys in Libya..

Who are the good guys in Libya? Some people think Qadhafi, some think the rebel opposition.  What is the difference? Let’s face it; both groups want to kill us.  Yet we are expending our military resources to help out the rebels;  about whom we know very little. Getting rid of Qadhafi seems to be the priority.  The Obama administration and some members of the Republican party, including John McCain (R. AZ) think this is a great idea.

We have some idea who the leaders are. Mahmoud Jibil, the de facto opposition leader of the Libyan rebels is an educated man; he attended the University of Pittsburgh and wrote his doctoral dissertation detailing the U.S. response to Qadhafi’s 1969 revolution. So, he is  somewhat familiar with our foreign policy and military responses. But the fact he is educated shouldn’t weigh too heavily in our support for the rebels. Remember, all the 9/11 terrorists were highly educated, as were the 3 terrorists who tried to bomb Glasgow airport in 2007. They were all doctors. So was our home-grown terrorist at Fort Hood: Nidal Hasan.

Higher education is no indication of embracing democracy, equal rights for all people, freedom of religion and the tenets and beliefs that our country stands for. We must stop viewing other culture’s revolutions from a perspective that they all want to emulate us. Just because they are fighting a revolution, doesn’t mean their idea is the same as our forefathers’.

The timing of the rebellions in the Arab countries is also suspicious. Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Ivory Coast, Jordan; it just seems too good to be true that all of these rebels are now proponents of hope and change.  There is something driving all of this rioting and I don’t think it’s a love of liberty.

Initial intelligence reports indicate elements of al Qaida within these rebel forces. If al Qaida has infiltrated these groups, shouldn’t we be a little more cautious regarding use of our military forces and equipment? After all, why help those that have killed so many of our civilians and military and have vowed to continue their jihad against us and all of western civilization?

We’re helping Libyans who were responsible for the terrorist attack on Pan Am 103, over Lockerbie, Scotland in 2003. Not to mention all the bombings throughout the world that took American lives.  Libyans cheered (as all Muslims did) on 9/11. And we’re helping these people. The media and government officials are wringing their hands and crying over the deaths of Libyan civilians and those against Qadhafi.

Why? I don’t see the same angst regarding our servicemen and women still in harm’s way in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In case our government is not aware, 2 U.S. servicemen were killed in Iraq last week. I haven’t seen any mention by our officials over the tragic loss of life.

To our present administration :

Deaths of possible Libyan terrorist:  crying, hand wringing and deep sympathy.

Deaths of our military men and women:  silence.

The inability of our government, both Democrat and Republican, to distinguish who is the real enemy in this conflict is a glaring example of bad judgement.

In my opinion: no matter which side we’re on in Libya, it’s the wrong one.



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