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April 23, 2019

Three Little Words…

Republicans are in a unique situation to make up for their years of fiscal debauchery in Congress and general stupidity that enabled the leftists to take over this country. This upcoming election is more important than any election in our history. It will dictate whether we regain our freedom (notice I said regain, not retain) or if we even have a chance to continue to function as our founding fathers intended.

A warning to the Republican candidates running for office this election cycle, remember:  the race you’re involved in is not about your political future, not about your political career, and not a stepping stone to a more lucrative position in the private sector or an opportunity to line your pockets with lobbyist’s donations. This is about you SERVING the people in your congressional district, your state and in case you have to be reminded:  your country. It’s unfortunate that it has to be stated at all, but it seems necessary in this day and age.

Pay attention Republicans :  there are three little words I do not want to hear from the Republicans in Congress or anywhere in the country.  They are:  bipartisanship, cooperation and compromise.   Those words have been the ruin of many a Republican agenda and a joy for the Democrats to hear.  No “working with” the Democrats.

Senator Mitch McConnell recently said that he would work with President Obama. WHAT!!??  Has he not been paying attention for the past year and a half?  This man is still under the illusion that politics is a gentlemen’s game. Not anymore. From the 1960’s on, there has been an influx of the socialist movement on the college campuses, throughout government offices and in the court system.  The ideals and character of the players has changed.  Many don’t either see it, or refuse to.

Many of the operatives in the Democrat party today were teenagers in the 60’s and they were spoon fed the socialist crap on campus and ingested it happily. This is what we are dealing with.  To “work with” any Democrat agenda or congressmen would be the death knell for this country and freedom. Remember what Ronald Reagan said regarding this country being the last bastion of freedom.  The Republican Party has to be reminded of that quote.

Unfortunately, the newly elected Republicans in Congress are going to have to battle two groups: the Dems and the RINO members of their own party. We must have their backs. It is up to us to stand with them; not leave them to fight the battles on their own.

Special note: watch John McCain. Once he wins another term in the Senate, he will revert to his own “maverick” ways.  For him maverick means going against his own party. And, of course he will be making “bipartisan” (I hate that word) deals with the Dems and basically being a pain in the neck to the conservatives.

Warning : if the Republican leadership thinks that they are going to use a majority in Congress to work with Obama and get the socialist agenda through under some misguided notion of fairness, forget it. We will be watching you. Conservatives have worked long and hard and if we win a majority in Congress on November 2nd, we will be the first to launch a recall on anyone that so much as sneezes in the direction of misusing this majority. Do I make myself clear?

Remember those “Three Little Words”, Republican leadership:  because I will.

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