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May 30, 2020

Essay: The Fight Against Islam, Or Our Political Leaders? Any Difference?

Does anyone in America remember when you could go to school, to work, run errands or just enjoy a day out without having to worry whether or not you’re going to be involved in a terrorist attack? I do remember those days, but many of us, as new generations come along, will never have that luxury. I never, ever thought I would be saying that last sentence, much less write it….

Another terrorist attack, this time in New York City; at least 8 dead. Eight people who are not going to get to where they were going, whose families will never hug again.

There is only one thing to say: What the hell is wrong with the politicians in this country who willingly put Americans’ lives at risk by admitting this culture into our country? Is it for self-aggrandizement?  To pat themselves on the back, congratulate themselves for their so-called ‘love of their fellow man’?  Are they receiving kickbacks? WHY??

Europe is purposely destroying themselves by letting the Islamic culture take over their countries. They’re busy killing off their own people in the name of brotherly love…  At this point in time, I don’t care.. Let them. Those countries have handed over their sovereignty to a bunch of globalists to take part in that failing experiment called the European Union. They get what they deserve.  But, dammit, at least let America remain that ‘shining city on the hill’, so those from Europe and the rest of the world who believe in freedom, safety, rule of law at least have a chance to live a decent life.

Islam is a different culture than ours. It has never evolved since its inception. How many times do I and others have to say that, time and time again? WHY do we have to say it time and time again???

So again, the candle makers will be making a profit… because that is the only action Americans feel they can take. Disgusting..

The politicians will be ‘outraged’ and offer their condolences to the families… Big deal. We’ve heard that so many times we can say their words along with them. They probably have a typed page with all sort of condolence verses from which they pick from column A one time and column B the next. That may sound harsh, but this is ridiculous. And their behavior is ridiculous… And we shouldn’t tolerate this treatment any longer. These people who we’ve put in office to look after our welfare, our money are treating us like crap. They’re looking out for their political ‘legacy’, not whether or not people in their district are safe.. They’re in that DC bubble, protected, coddled, and lecturing us on how not to be ‘Islamophobic’.

Our ‘leaders’ in this country who put unreasonable burdens on its citizens such as dealing with attacks which are very much in their purview to prevent and stop, well ,that sounds like dereliction of duty. They’re insisting on supporting these creatures with our tax dollars. When we object, we’re subject to a lecture how not all Muslims are bad (really? How many Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Bahai, etc are committing terror attacks?) and how bad things are in their home countries. Let me see if I’ve got this straight: their countries are a mess, so they’re coming here to make our country a mess?

Politicians in this country had better remember the oath they took. They should be looking out for American citizens and not some 7th Century culture who would like nothing than to turn this country back in time.

The last time in this country where politicians who ruled from afar and unduly stressed their citizens with heavy taxes, showing nothing but contempt for their citizens and their rights, there was this event called “The American Revolution”.

Remember that, Washington…



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