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May 30, 2020

Essay: The Left’s New-Found Morality

First: Hollywood. Starting with Harvey Weinstein and now filtering down to the lowest comedian in the Hollywood ‘elite’ we’re hearing some lurid tales of sexual misconduct.

Hollywood has always had the well-known ‘casting couch’. It’s been that way since the silents.. Scandals have always plagued Tinsel Town and truthfully, high morals has never been part of the job description to work in Hollywood. Scandals were easily covered up. It’s only now, with 24 hour news, social media that anything and everything about Hollywood is splashed over the internet.

Actresses are coming out of the woodwork tearfully proclaiming how they were raped, forced to see naked producers, endure pats on their butts, breasts grabbed, and all manner of indignities. So why are they still a part of the Hollywood scene? If they were that emotionally damaged, if their sensibilities were turned on their ears, why are they still part of that cesspool known as Hollywood? Why are they still enduring the possibility of another producer looking to touch them in a vile manner?

No doubt you’ve seen how some of these women dress on the red carpet at premieres. I’ve seen more boobs, butts, and a hint of the lower regions than I would care to see. These women dress like sluts, yes….. sluts, and expect to be treated like the Virgin Mary. Are they kidding? And their ‘roles’ in movies … naked in scenes (can’t see how ANY of this benefits the plot of a movie) simulated sex scenes…..really? It doesn’t have to be done. But to them, the role is everything… Their career is more important than their body, self-respect, and morality. They acquiesce to these indignities on and off the screen wholeheartedly.  So, I have no sympathy.. none. They bought into the lifestyle, the fame, the position, the 24 hour press coverage and have sold their dignity, self-respect and body to get it.. If there are men groping you, honey, let’s say you might have not made the right career choice. If you put it out there, people are going to take a grab, or give you a price.. Simple as that.

So you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t have the empathetic outrage many seem to be feeling over their trials and tribulations. People have a choice in this world.. I had a choice in many of my jobs; one interviewer grabbed my hand in a handshake and refused to let go… To me, that was the end of the interview… I knew he had no respect for women, and would be a problem.. So, good-bye. My self-respect was worth me walking out..

Granted, all of Hollywood is not like this; there are those who don’t follow that way of life.. and I’m glad there are at least some people who do it because they love acting and have an interest in the craft.. Let me make it clear; there are actors and actress whom I have a great deal of respect for; they have their priorities in order and have a life outside of Hollywood.

But why the new-found morality? My first guess is it’s an attempt to white-wash any failings from Democrat-laden Hollywood, the Democrat Party and the media since Hillary’s unexpected loss.. In their minds, a woman should have won that election.. They’re still reeling. Perhaps women are to blame?  Did they fail in showing real strength? Somewhere, somehow, somebody probably thought it had to do with a lack of a women’s conviction. Maybe this is their way of showing they’re truly empowered.

Since the three are so intertwined, if one has their failings exposed, the rest will surely follow. Domino fashion…  But is this a genuine purge? And is it a real purge or another act in Hollywood’s/Democrats/Media’s life drama?

We’re seeing a waterfall of accusations coming from the political arena and the media..Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D- NY) has condemned Bill Clinton for his affair with Monica Lewinsky, saying he should’ve resigned… What? How many years has it been? The Clinton administration has been over for quite a while… But her comment salves her conscience and also greases the way for her as a feminist running for office. She’s ‘taken a stand!’ for feminism.  I’m sure some women were fooled, but there are those of us who know the game and know how it’s played.  John Conyers, Al Franken, Al Gore; notice how they’re all Democrats? They have the nerve to point to Judge Roy Moore, who may, 39 years ago, may have inappropriately approached teenagers and they want his head on a platter, yet they will still put their Democrat ‘leaders’ on a pedestal….They’re all still feted and coddled by liberal women.

And let’s not forget some of the media’s darlings: Charlie Rose, NYT’s Glenn Thrush; they’ve been fired… As time goes on, we’ll no doubt see more and more exposure of the sordid underbellies of all three branches of liberalism.

But, is it because the life style that these 3 stalwarts of liberal society have championed is disintegrating? Is this a tipping point? And this brings me to my second guess :Is it because this originally polite society can no longer sustain degenerate behavior? Have we had our fill and now are throwing it back in their collective face?  Has its life span been exhausted? In the past 10-15 years a backlash has been brewing from an America who has grown tired of being told by these degenerates in Hollywood, politics and media that they are all ‘heroes’ and should be looked up to… and that our lifestyles, our morals are all wrong. We must ‘evolve’ and come in line with the Hollywood, political and media elite.

With my two guesses on the matter, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if their determination to clean house and pave the way for a woman to go into the White House actually has backfired and is resulting in the annihilation of their impolite and degenerate society.. Their attempts on bringing a new-found morality into their midsts actually brings about their destruction as self-proclaimed moral leaders and stalwarts of our culture and society.

Well, we can hope for it, can’t we? I for one would love to see it happen and I know many other Americans would, also.. Time will tell.

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