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May 23, 2019

Can We Talk?

Let’s see if I have this straight:  the election results were due to a “misunderstanding” and” failed communication skills”.   That’s why, according to Barack Obama, Republicans won all those seats in the House, took over governorships and returned 19 state legislators to the GOP. I see.

When asked how he felt about the takeover during his press conference, Obama said he “felt bad”.  Awwwwww.  I’m sorry, Barack: you don’t have the luxury like the little people in this country to “feel bad”.    Geez, you’re President of the United States. Man up, buddy.

Oh, well, his vacation in India should soothe the wounds.  And irony of ironies, his daughters want to ride an elephant. When he sees that elephant I hope he will be reminded of the GOP kicking the asses out of the House.

The excuses keeping rolling off his tongue like the dollar is plummeting.  He didn’t acknowledge that his ideas were wrong:  it was the lack of communication or a misunderstanding.  The arrogance of this man is amazing.

He also had the audacity to say that he’ll listen to ideas. Is that so? Wasn’t this the man when asked to compromise during a meeting with Republicans threw it in their faces and said:  I won?  And wasn’t it the Democrats who met behind closed doors in deliberating health care and refused to admit the Republicans?

Compromise is being waved like a white flag.  Now that they’ve lost, the Democrats are the doves holding out the olive branches.  I say send a bunch of hungry hawks after them.

Anyone who thinks that Obama will pull a Bill Clinton and leap into the center is sadly mistaken. For one who has put in place a bigger bureaucratic government, engineered the auto industry takeover and the banking system is not one to roll over to the middle.  He is a Marxist idealist, not a pragmatist.  His response to the election results is exactly what I expected.

This Messiah is convinced that his has been sent to save America from itself with the help of massive government control and intervention.  This man is a product of communist idealist education and born of arrogance. He will not admit defeat. In spite of the abject failure of socialist and communist policies wherever they are enacted the followers are always right, damn it!  Therefore, Barack Obama will stick to his ideals to the end of time or the end of his administration (whichever comes first).

So, Barack, we’re not buying your excuses. Whether you say it was a misunderstanding, or a lack of communication, you’ve had more than ample time to show us what you stand for and we now see you clearly.  So all the verbiage you’re using to describe the crushing defeat of the Democrats won’t sway us.

The results of the election should give you a clue of how America really feels about you, and your policies. And it is neither a misunderstanding nor a lack of communication.

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