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November 25, 2020

President _____ (fill in the blank)

The live press conference yesterday with Obama and Bill Clinton was simply surreal. The fact that Obama brought in Bill Clinton not because he was having  problems with the Republicans. No, no. No, he couldn’t convince or even cajole members of his own party to support this tax legislation.   As the  leader of the Democratic Party, he is supposed to be able to handle those members of Congress whose support he needs in times like this. I guess he ran out of “pretty pleases” when talking to the likes of Sen. Leahy (VT)

To see Obama leave the press conference because “I’ve been keeping the First Lady waiting ….”  What??!!  Is he kidding? Now we know who really runs the country and the White House. He’s the President of the United States for God’s sake. This is an important piece of legislation; people are waiting to see if they are going to be hit with a big tax rate come January 1, and this bozo is going to a Christmas Party? Michelle has been kept waiting?!??

If George W. Bush had said he was leaving a press conference because Laura was waiting, the press would have had a field day. Cries of “Wuss” and “Who really runs the White House?” would have resounded in the media. He would have been made fun of on the late night shows, and  SNL would have re-written their script just to get this in.

But with Obama: crickets chirping..

His actions showed that he can’t handle this job; he never could. No experience in managing, no real work experience. None. He’s just a good campaigner. Or basically, says what the people want to hear; although he doesn’t believe a word of it…

God knows I don’t like Clinton. He strangled the hell out of the military budget and made some big blunders in foreign policy, and…I could go on and on.. you get the idea..  But to see him there at the podium while Barack stood waiting like an aide waiting for the boss and eventually leave..Well,good old Barry knew he was out of  his element and he knew the contrast was evident. Leaving while he still had some self-respect left was smart. However, I don’t think he even has that now.

The fact that he had to bring in Bill Clinton just speaks volumes that this man is waaaaayyy out of his league in this job.  Amazing. And the contrast between his bumbling answers and speech compared to Bill Clinton’s answers regarding not only the tax legislation but also foreign policy is so stark. My God, for one half hour the country actually had a President.

Chris Matthews’ comment regarding their meeting: “An alliance made by God and the Democratic Party …”  is baloney, His comment is nothing but a whitewash on Obama’s inabilities and shortcomings in being a leader. In reality he needed Bill Clinton. And a dangerous precedence has been set. The media will probably go to Clinton for  comments on domestic and world affairs in addition to Barack. This could be the unmaking of the Obama presidency. Not with the election ballot. But with a man called : Bubba.

Obama can’t make a simple speech to elementary school students without a teleprompter. Now, it’s clearly evident he can’t govern this country without Bill Clinton.

Stay tuned: it’s going to get very interesting…

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