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April 23, 2019

The Children’s Hour

Let’s take a look at this debt crisis. We have the President and Vice President of the United States trying to scold and shame the Republicans into raising the debt ceiling and raising taxes.  Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is saying failure to do so would drive up interest rates and slow the economy. I thought it was pretty slow now; is he kidding?

Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner is already saying it’s too late; he wanted an agreement done yesterday.  This from a man who can’t pay his taxes on time.

If they do not reach an agreement by August 2, according to the Dems, the world will end, the sky will fall and  the social security checks will not be mailed.  As much as Obama wants to use senior citizens and military personnel to push the Republicans to do his bidding, this is one tactic that is underhanded even for him.

The latest development is that Obama walked out of the meeting on Wednesday. This in conjunction with his “time to eat your peas” comment, and other theatrics show who are the real adults in the budget talks. Speaker John Boehner and Majority Whip Eric Cantor are the only ones who deserve to wear long pants. They are approaching the situation from a logical standpoint : we cannot spend money we do not have, and we cannot cripple the economy more by taxing those that create the jobs. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

But now, Sen Majority Leader Harry Reid is  saying that Eric Cantor R -VA shouldn’t be in the talks; calling him “childish”.  Huh?

Okay, Republicans, take the hint. The Democrats are desperate and are using any tactic available, including calling names. What do you do when the enemy is weak? You cut off their heads. I mean, they’re running around like Chicken Little anyway, screaming : ” the sky is falling!!”

The fact that Obama was compelled to actually walk out of the meeting shows that he is losing and he knows it. And that he again, proves he cannot handle the job of the Presidency.  I ask again: what is wrong with the Dems that they are letting this guy run unopposed? The latest poll shows Obama losing to a generic Republican candidate by 8%! The GOP has him on the ropes.

However, what I am afraid of , and it looks like it might be happening, is the Republicans will cave. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, just like they did last December during the lame duck session of Congress. They had all the cards, yet they allowed another stimulus package to go through.  Now Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R) compromise deal has the Democrats all excited and that worries me. Again, snatching defeat…

Obama and the Democrats are responsible for this economic crisis. They raided the treasury, printed money, took out loans against our future financial security and now we have trillions in debt, 9.2%  unemployment and facing a downgrading of our bonds by Moody to AA from AAA.

They want someone to point the finger at when we get closer to the 2012 election. If the Republicans go along with them,  any additional debt will be blamed on them. Obama will win another term  and Dems could possibly regain seats in the House.

It’s simple, Republicans. Don’t cut deals on raising taxes and the debt ceiling. Remember when GHW Bush said no new taxes during the campaign and how he went against that promise in order to make a deal with the Democrats? Well, they skewered him with that act and we got Clinton for 8 years. And we know how that went.

In other words, GOP:    Grow a set.

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