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April 23, 2019

Happy New Year! Lessons learned….

The 111th Congress is finished and out of here, thank God!

So, we look ahead. 2011 brings a majority of Republicans in the House. Senate, well, we’re still lacking. I hope we get closer to the goal in the next four years.

The new members have a big job ahead of them. Not only do they have to deal with the Democrats’ mantra “we have to work together” (translation: you have to do what we say) but they have to fight against the RINOs in their own party.

The lessons we have learned over the past two years are these:

The Democrat Party is now the Socialist Party in America. When you hear of this past Congress passing more legislation than any other, it is not a landmark to be proud of. They’ve ignored the rule of law, and treated the Constitution like toilet paper in order to get what they want passed. Their actions have ignored the will of the American people. When Nancy Pelosi led the march to the House with gavel in hand to vote for healthcare, their celebration was not because of passing good legislation. No. It was because they got one over on the American people.  It was a giant middle finger pointed at us. And all the while, they were laughing.

The Democrats have made it clear that they want to turn this country into some model of European Socialism with elements of Gestapo tactics, as evidenced by TSA tactics at the airports. Need more examples? Well the latest one is the airline pilot whose home was ransacked after he pointed out their inadequacies in security. Gestapo?   Old KGB? There are a lot of similarities in tactics.

We have learned that the old press is squarely in the back pocket of these Democrats, backed by billionaire and globalist George Soros. Considering the influence he now has over NPR, with his million or so dollar contribution, it is evident we have to cut them off from taxpayer dollars.  The rest of the press is busy whitewashing or ignoring all the faux pas of this administration.

Speaking of faux pas, this administration is one of the most incapable I have ever experienced in my life even outside of Carter’s. From the State Department and the debacle with Hillary’s “reset” button for the Russians (doesn’t anyone have a Russian dictionary at the State Department?) to an IPOD with Obama’s speeches on it for Queen Elizabeth… What gall. What amazes me about this is that no one has any idea of protocol regarding her Majesty. The lack of thought put into that “gift” shows a lack of decency, social graces and a utter lack of respect. But I have discovered that Democrats are either too stupid, or don’t believe that manners are necessary when they are in power. Just like the Soviets…and Hugo Chavez, and the Chinese government.. Are we seeing a pattern?

We have a president that bows to foreign leaders, looks the other way when Christians are attacked in the Middle East and has treated Israel like an unwanted stepchild.  And let’s not forget his reluctance to focus on Islamist terrorism.

His financial priorities are non-existent, unless of course the major union groups need a handout.

We now know the mindset of those we are dealing with. The new Republicans shouldn’t be cowed by their charges of racism, or the expression “the” party of no. Say “no” all you want; the American people will back you.  And do us a favor, tell the RINOS to sit down, shut up and play your way. If they don’t, they can take their toys and go home.

Because this time: the grownups are in charge. So, if you can’t hack acting like one, go to the kiddie pool.

God Bless the new members of the House and Senate. May they remember the reasons they ran for office and stick by their promises.  One thing to remember; you are not alone! We will be there to back you up. Don’t forget that. We won’t forget you.  The real Americans are counting on you.

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