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February 29, 2024

Review of GOP debate in Iowa

Another interesting debate last night in Ames, Iowa for the Republican candidates.

While they were all there to make their case for being elected POTUS, all of them had the spectre of Rick Perry hanging in the air. Perry, Governor of Texas, is announcing his entry into the contest on Saturday.

Some pundits think Romney won. I think he held his own, but actually his best performance came the day before when he came right back at liberal plants in the audience at the Iowa State Fair.  I think that momentum carried over into the debate. Good performance, but he still sticks to his healthcare plan. Not good, when I know people in Massachusetts that are hurting even more since its installation.

Tim Pawlenty. He  took off the gloves against both Michelle Bachmann and Mitt Romney and looked a little bitter, for lack of a better term. He made a wisecrack regarding Romney’s wealth, (somewhat akin to a class warfare Democrat) and went after Michelle’s record in the House. Both Pawlenty and Bachmann are from Minnesota and to me it appeared he was trying to be the “better Minnesotan.”

Michelle Bachmann The attacks on her by Pawlenty were unfair and uncalled for.  Bachmann was composed, answered the attacks and made Pawlenty look like a whiner. When he stated that her position on the debt ceiling had not panned out in the vote, it appeared he didn’t understand the difference between principle and results. But he obviously sees her as a threat or he would not have attacked her in that manner

Byron York of the Washington Examiner asked a question of her regarding her submission to her husband (obviously a shot at her religion) that would NEVER have been asked of a male. Shame on you, Byron.

Mitt Romney: While I wouldn’t say he won the debate; he held his own. The day before he handled the attacks by liberals in the audience by coming right back at them. He had backbone and fire. Good for him. (and I’m not backing him for POTUS ) I think he may be too willing to “work with” the Democrats. In their parlance that means you do it their way.

Newt Gingrich: Now he surprised me; he still has the fire. If only he could get his campaign in order, maybe he would be a serious contender. His comments regarding the super committee were spot on. He questioned the validity of having the committee when we already have over 400 members of Congress.  Good point, Newt.

Jon Huntsman: He looked like a deer in the headlights.  I didn’t appreciate his attack on prayer..Yes, it was supposed to be on Perry, but it didn’t come off that way.  His inexperience showed no matter how much he touts his experience as Ambassador to China. If he was really a loyal Republican he would have graciously declined the appointment by Obama.

Herman Cain: I do like him, I wish his performance had been a little more put together. But there is time. His overwhelming asset is that he knows what makes America run and he has experience in it. While people are saying he has no experience in politics, I disagree. There is plenty of politics in business; obviously the people who are saying that have never risen above the mailroom.

Ron Paul: What is wrong with him? Doesn’t he realize that yes, we are the voice of liberty throughout the world? Without a decent military that includes up to the minute intelligence, we are nothing. His reluctance to accept that Iran is a threat with a nuclear weapon shows ignorance.

Rick Santorum:Good talking  points, but doesn’t have the backing.  I think his time is just about over.

Regardless of how people thought their candidate did, all changes when Rick Perry enters the race on Saturday. And to add to the mix, Rudy Giuliani is in New Hampshire this weekend trying to get a team together. Don’t forget Sarah Palin, who is on her bus tour and still a large presence in this race even though she is saying no decision has been reached on her candidacy.

It will all get more interesting as the months go on.

I hope they remember, at least to some extent, Ronald Reagan’s words at the Republican National Convention on Aug 15, 1988:

“So it was our Republican Party that gave me a political home. When I signed up for duty, I didn’t have to check my principles at the door. And I soon found out that the desire for victory did not overcome our devotion to ideals.”

If they even remember the last sentence, they’re way ahead of the game..

One last thing: In this past week we have lost 35 American soldiers in Afghanistan. Please pray for them and their families.




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