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May 23, 2019

Quick Hits Oct 1, 2011


Governor Rick Perry’s numbers have dropped since the last debate in Orlando, due in large part to his comment that people who weren’t in favor of in-state tuition for illegal immigrants “didn’t have a heart”. Obviously that didn’t go over too well with the voters.. I have to wonder about his rationale. You want people to vote for you, yet you’re going to insult them? Governor Perry, in case you’ve forgotten, you’re running as a Republican. Supposedly, you’re no longer a Democrat, yet you think that you can abuse your constituency and we will still be in your corner. No, Democrats are the masochists; Republicans are the people who don’t take abuse.

On the other hand, Herman Cain’s numbers are on the rise. Of course with that comes the insults by the lefties who still seem to think that it’s some sort of plot on the part of the Republicans.  The latest ditty came from Janeane Garofalo last week on Current TV. If we don’t like Obama, we’re racist. Yet, if we support Herman Cain, we are also racists, because we are supporting him in order to mask our racism. Huh? It’s clear to me, however. This is what they think. . And they’re just trying to project their views on Republicans and hiding behind their facade of indignation. But whatever it is, many psychoanalysts are probably gleefully rubbing their hands together with the prospect  of the money coming their way from the Hollywood crowd. All that guilt, you know.

Mitt Romney is still being pushed by the Republican establishment. His Romneycare medical plan in Massachusetts is an abysmal failure. Health insurance premiums have gone up and people are having a longer wait to get a doctors’ appointment. His reluctance to admit it’s not working, coupled with his acceptance of global warming,  and his support of ethanol is baffling to many of the Republican electorate. I along with many others are still wondering why he is pulling the poll numbers he is. Also, he still wants to “work with” the Democrats. No, no and no. Since when do you work with the enemy? And we must consider them the enemy. Many of them like Bernie Sanders of VT are admitted Socialists, and the Congressional Progressive Caucus with members like John Conyers, (MI)  Keith Ellison (MI) and Sheila Jackson-Lee (TX) who all continually play the race card. Also, Barney Frank (MA), who never met a spending program he didn’t like  and Mike Capuano (MA) who thinks that union members should “get a little bloody”when necessary. Sounds like a loyal communist agitator to me.

So, Mitt Romney, if want to work with these people, I seriously question your lack of judgement.

Newt Gingrich seems to be moving a bit. I have to admit I was one of the first people to state for him to drop out when he had a major staff change, but now I’m not so sure. He is an excellent orator and his words can pack a punch. He just released the outline of his new “Contract With America”. We’ll see what that entails as time goes on.

I keep thinking Gingrich/Cain, or Cain/Gingrich. But who knows what the next few months will bring.

Chris Christie of New Jersey is constantly being begged to run for President. He did say last week at the Reagan Library that he wasn’t, but rumor is now he is reconsidering. Sigh… I always thought no, meant, well, no. Oh well. I think he should concentrate on getting New Jersey straightened out. That is what he originally was elected to do . If he leaves the state to fall into the hands of the Democrats again, he will be crucified by the constituency. I was born and raised in New Jersey and it breaks my heart to see it as it is now. He seemed to be making headway and it would be a shame to leave before he can see it on the way to recovery. I like Chris Christie and he is the best thing to happen to New Jersey in a long, long time. Don’t leave them when they need you.

With Florida deciding it would have its primary the last week of January, New Hampshire is scrambling. New Hampshire law stipulates (in section RSA 653:9 of the statute book) that the primary must take place seven days before any other similar type of election in any other state. The Iowa Caucus does not count, since it is not considered an election. So, now there are rumors it may take place in December. The NH Secretary of State, Bill Gardner, sets the date and we are awaiting his decision. Wish Florida had left well enough alone.


Alabama’s main portions of their illegal immigration bill was upheld by a Federal judge, but several parts were overturned, one, blocking the state from barring illegal immigrants from enrolling in public universities and a lawsuit filed by the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama  stopped the state from enforcing two new traffic laws, which would have set up $500 fines for blocking traffic to hire workers on a street.

Of course, the Obama administration has filed a lawsuit against Alabama regarding this bill, but if they were doing their job, this wouldn’t be a problem.

This is happening because they want to have the Hispanic voting bloc. But I would think that any person who came here legally, regardless of their ethnicity, would be outraged by the Federal Government’s lawsuit.

So, how do they get these people to vote? Illegally, of course. I fear we may see widespread voter fraud for the 2012 Presidential election. The Democrats will do anything to stay in power, including circumventing our Constitution.

Just another day in the fun factory of American politics. It’s going to be quite a ride over the next year.

Thanks to all the military men and women and their families that sacrifice so much, so I have the freedom to write these thoughts. Stay safe and know that you are in people’s prayers.


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