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April 23, 2019

Are They Going to Hold Hands and Sing Kumbaya, also?

Senator Mark Udall, Democrat, (CO) has come up with an ingenious idea. He thinks that members of Congress should intermingle in the seating for the State of the Union Speech on January 25th.

And, the usual RINOs are flying to this idea like moths to a flame. Lisa Murkowski, (AK) has designated herself a co-sponsor.  John McCain (AZ) , (who I warned about in an earlier column) is returning to his RINO roots and jumping in. And he’s taken the newest Senator from New Hampshire, Kelly Ayotte, right along with him.   Again, I said earlier that she would be beholden to him for his support and public appearances.  Now we see that Kelly Ayotte was just another RINO that rode the wave of dissatisfaction with Democrats to a Senate seat.

They, along with the usual Maine RINOS, Collins and Snowe, think this is a wonderful bipartisanship measure. There’s one of the three words I didn’t want to hear….!

This is what’s wrong with this measure. The Democrats, still stinging from their humiliating November slap down, want to mask the Republicans’ new majority in the house and the increased numbers of Senators.  They don’t want to make that obvious to the American people.  What better way to wipe out any evidence of that victory by doing away with the separation of parties during the speech? When the cameras pan the entire assembly, the viewers will not be able to see which of their Congressman are applauding, or which members agree with the President’s words.

This tactic is another one in the large arsenal that Democrats have up their sleeves. They are, under the guise of bipartisanship are diminishing the accomplishments of November 2nd.  And the RINOs are going along with it, like calves to the slaughter.

John Boehner, Speaker of the House, should request the Republican members to sit together for this speech.  That action would at least put some distance between the idiocy of the Senate and his own body.

I simply marvel at the ignorance and naiveté of the members of the Senate regarding this proposal. Don’t they have any knowledge of the tactics of socialism? This is an attempt at equalizing everyone at this speech. The only time socialists want to stand out is when they are the ruling class hence, the past actions when the Democrats were in charge during the past 4 years.

With everything that has occurred over the past 2 years; the way that the Dems treated the American people, their disdain toward constituents when questioned regarding their legislation and the heavy handed actions regarding pushing through new legislation, one would think that any action regarding bipartisanship from the Dems would be looked at askance. But not from this bunch in the Senate.

This time, I cannot contribute the actions of the Republicans as naiveté. There has been ample proof that Democrats don’t do anything unless it benefits them and their causes.  The Republicans that agree to this deception are nothing but suckers and I have a bridge to sell them in Brooklyn.  They have proven by this action that not only do they not have common sense; they do not have the intelligence to be a part of the Legislative body of this country.

Michele Bachmann (R, MN) invited new members of the Congress to a review of the Constitution by Justice Antonin Scalia. That was an excellent move on her part and gave members a leg up on writing legislation that is worthy of the Constitution.

Maybe now, in light of recent events, we should have a class on Marxism/Communist tactics to educate those members who are completely taken in by this latest charade and regard the Congress as one big, happy family.

What the hell is the color of the sky in their world?

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