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May 23, 2019

Raising Cain..

Well, the left has opened their salvos on Herman Cain. Politico has dredged up 2 women who have accused him of sexual harassment, with another women popping up out of nowhere to claim she was also sexually harassed, but did nothing about it.

If these women do decide to come forward, I want to know everything about them. Just as Herman Cain’s life is an open book, those that have accused him should open their lives to media scrutiny.  Questions I would like answers to are: Have they accused any other man of sexual harassment? What was your work ethic?  Were you married at the time?

If Mr. Cain has to undergo countless torturous media interviews, they should partake in that very same ritual. We should be able to examine their lives during the time they were employed by the National Restaurant Association and made the accusations.

The fact that something like this has surfaced is not too surprising. In the 80’s and 90’s the policy of “watch what you say and to whom you say it” was rampant in business and in government circles. There were women who were touchy as hell; men couldn’t even look at them or God forbid if a man held open a door for them!  What they didn’t realize was that a man was holding a door open for mainly one reason if they had approached it first: they were being polite. And what was wrong with that? Nothing, but give these women time and they’ll find something wrong with it.

These charges came to light as Mr. Cain started rising in the polls. What a coincidence. It is a well-known fact that conservative voters take a dim view on an issue like sexual harassment.  Past incidences have cut short many a Republican’s congressional career. On the other hand, Democrats happily vote for people involved sexual scandals, notably  Bill Clinton, Barney Frank and Ted Kennedy to name a few. Very rarely do the Democrats get thrown out of office for sexual romping. Morals are not required and appear not only not desired by the Democrats, they appear to be a hindrance in electability.

Someone made the decision to expose these accusations probably hoping that just the hint of impropriety would send Cain supporters jumping ship. But this election cycle, things are different: we’ve learned a few lessons from the past. Voters are not taking as gospel any media outlet attacking Cain. They are sticking by him; giving him the benefit of the doubt.  And the biggest difference but not mentioned by any media outlet: we are not mimicking the Democratic response calling the accusers sluts, bimbos or any other word feminist loving Democrats have used in the past to shield their men.

Cain came up in the world from having nothing; he’s been know to say he was :” ‘po’ before he was ‘poor’ “. During the ’60s and ’70’s he stayed in school while many of his generation were “tuning in, turning on and dropping out”.  He attended college and earned two degrees. He came up in the business world getting knocked down numerous times, but getting up and rising above the many obstacles put in his way.

Many of those his age have smoked the crack pipe of socialism and cannot do anything or accomplish anything without the blessing of the liberal elite. Many of these people would not be where they are today without some organization propping them up and sweeping their dirty  background under the rug. They cannot rise to the top on their own. Herman Cain did it on his own and someone out there can’t stand it,  so they have to destroy his candidacy and his life.

Does anyone with a scintilla of common sense think Herman Cain would actually do something so stupid as harassing women and throw away years of education, hard work and sacrifice for a moment of amusement? Think about it. Considering that the odds were against him economically, socially, educationally and racially when he was growing up his accomplishments show the metal of a strong person; someone who believes in himself and his ideals.

He appears to be weathering this storm just fine, thank you. Unless these women want to come out themselves in front of the cameras and reporters and face questions, this matter should be dropped. Hiding behind lawyers shows their desire to hurt Cain personally and professionally; not make a statement for women who are victims of real sexual harassment.

Let’s get back to the real issues. Enough already.

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