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February 24, 2019

Obama’s Crisis: How’d he do, Joe?

Thirty years of Mubarak rule in Egypt is over.  Eighteen days of protests throughout the country and the main one in Tahrir Square in Cairo have shifted the country to a different path. The protesters got what they demanded.  Hosni Mubarak is  gone, the parliament dissolved and  the constitution suspended by the military now in charge.

They have promised to abide by the 1979 Camp David Accord between Israel and Egypt that has kept the peace for over 30 years. Good news for Israel, however, the rest of the Arab world will not be so charitable or friendly.

This revolution in Egypt is just beginning, not ending. Libya, Iran, Syria, and  Lebanon: all countries with a strong Hezbollah and/or Hamas presence, are going to be pressuring Egypt in the direction of a Muslim theocracy. It’s a dangerous time in the Middle East.

While this was unfolding over the last few weeks, the reactions of the Obama administration were at the least amateurish and at the most dangerous. The White House’s reactions ranged from support of Mubarak, to non-support, to staying out of the issue, and threatening to withhold financial aid that was promised them. The last one drew the ire of the Saudi king who in no uncertain terms said that he would make up the difference if the US withheld funds promised to Egypt

Then there was the comment by the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper. No doubt you’ll remember Clapper from two months ago who had no idea that there were 12 terror arrests in the UK.  His latest ditty during this international crisis is that the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood movement was  “largely a secular organization”.

I called for his firing 2 months ago. With this new comment  it shows it’s long overdue.

Then, it’s reported that Obama learned of Mubarak’s resignation on television. Of course they blamed the intelligence community for not giving him a heads up, but what do you expect when you have  ex-White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta as head of the CIA? He possesses no intelligence experience, yet he’s expected to function as an experienced agency head?

I’m getting the impression that this administration thinks that if you’re given a specific title, then all of a sudden you become  magically endowed with all the knowledge and experience to carry out that job. Idiocy.

We are the laughing stock of the world. With all the blathering from this government and comments from members of the European Union, there is one country not on the world stage opining on the Egyptian crisis.  Anyone notice how quiet Russia has been?

Quiet in the media arena, yes, but not in the diplomatic channels. During the past two weeks, they had met with Mubarak twice.  Now that he is gone, it’s safe to assume that their diplomatic efforts will continue with whoever is in charge.

The Russians are already positioning themselves to be a force in the new Egypt, while our government is fumbling blindly.

Remember Joe Biden’s comments during the election that “Obama will be tested …..”by an international crisis”.   Of course his prediction was that it would occur during  the first six months of Obama’s presidency.  It’s  been two years. Two years, six months.  It doesn’t matter. Once again, Obama’s lack of leadership experience is evident.

Well, Joe, here’s your crisis. Obama has now been tested on the international stage.

He’s been tested and he’s failed. Miserably.

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