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May 23, 2019

From Little Acorns…We Get Nuts

The Occupy Wall Street crowd and its offshoots across the country are there (they say) to protest the riches of the 1% while they are for those who don’t have the money, power or influence. They’re expressing the same drivel from the Communist Manifesto that makes an appearance every 40 years or so. So here we go again.

But if anyone thinks these protests are spontaneous and an honest use of First Amendment rights, they’re living in a cave.  The Occupy Wall Street group in New York has lawyers that have close ties to the ACLU, some that have defended terrorists and other that defended rioters from the 1971 Attica prison uprising.

Mayor Bloomberg finally got them out of Zuccotti Park and cleaned it out. But why the NYC Public Works Dept didn’t hand these losers brooms, garbage bags, disinfectant and have them clean is beyond me. The courts upheld Bloomberg’s actions and this hopefully will hold down the number of protestors now that the colder weather is coming in.

On the “Day of Action” all over the country on November 17, violence was stepped up. Police in NYC were injured and schoolchildren as young as 4 had to walk a gauntlet to get to school.  A Molotov Cocktail was thrown at a Wells Fargo bank in Salt Lake City. This disgusting behavior by these people (and I use the term lightly) should not be tolerated.

Up here in New Hampshire, the town of Peterborough had its own “Day of Action. ” I drove through downtown to see about 60 people carrying signs that promoted the jobs bill and others that were trying to bring attention to a bridge that needed work.  Amazing how the signs were professionally printed. The jobs bill that they promoted would be geared toward union jobs; like the construction jobs that would be fixing the “broken” bridge. I’d say the unions had a big hand in those signs and in the groups’ organization.

The unions have also thrown their support behind the OWS movement and notably, the NYPD’s union has voiced their support.  I wonder how the police officers that were injured reconcile their allegiance to their union while their union backs the thugs that attacked them. It doesn’t make sense.

Obama’s old community organizer group Acorn, has taken a large part behind the scenes of the Wall Street Occupy movement. So much for spontaneity.

These protests have a danger of snowballing, and becoming even more violent. They are backed financially by the unions,  and liberal/socialist organizations not to mention leaders of the Democratic Party. This is a bad combination for the inflated egos of these protestors whose arrogance may lead to even more violence and disruption in cities trying to survive in a downward economy.

Many media pundits are likening these protests to those of the 1960’s. I have to admit they’re correct in that reasoning. Both groups are products of immense prosperity in America; the 1960’s protestors were from the parents of people who fought in WWII. The end of the war ushered in not only monetary prosperity, but the attitude that their children would have every opportunity that they didn’t have. The 1980’s were, again, an era of great prosperity and a generation of selfish, self-centered spoiled brats are now terrorizing American society like the post-war generation did in the 1960s.

It seems when we have a period of economic upswing there inevitably follows a demonization of said prosperity by political movements.

As it was then and is now, the organizations backing the movements have their roots in socialism and communism. The times may be different but the threat remains the same.

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