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April 23, 2019

The Last Debate…..?

The CNN sponsored debate was a snoozer. As the last one (we hope), it was the usual attempt by the liberal media to play ‘gotcha’ with the GOP candidates on birth control and any other subject in which Obama could be painted as the good guy in the upcoming election.

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul went after Rick Santorum like a two man tag team.   Several pundits think there may be an agreement between Paul and Romney, to attack Santorum and push Romney over the finish line.  Possibly, since anything can happen in politics.. But I think Romney is doing it simply because Santorum is ahead of him in the polls and Paul is doing it simply because he likes to be the spoiler.

Paul knows he won’t be the nominee; so why is he in there? These debates are the perfect forum for airing his fiscal policies; many Americans agree with him on the Federal Reserve and our country’s declining fiscal condition. Regardless who wins, I think he should head up Treasury or given the power to investigate the Fed.

Romney seems to get uglier as time goes on. The last question he refused to answer and instead went on about his own agenda, was a stab at the Newt Gingrich tactic of confronting the moderator and getting away with it. He failed. He appeared snarky and nasty. Sorry, Mitt, Newt is the only one who can be confrontational in that manner; Newt does it with facts and such panache that I think it should be patented.

Newt. He seemed to be the Newt that won him the South Carolina primary. On target, he attacked Obama (with facts to back it up) and stayed out of the mud-slinging of the other three. I hope he can resurrect his campaign.

Rick Santorum. Well, sitting in between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney couldn’t have helped his performance. He spent a lot of his time swinging left to right trying to fend off the attacks from both sides. He was a little off his game. However, this is what happens when you become a serious front runner.

This debate was pretty much like the others: the GOP candidates were trying to dodge the “gotcha” ball thrown by the liberal moderators, while trying to make the case for nomination by the GOP voters.

In any case, the pummeling they have given each other throughout this campaign is nothing compared to what Obama, the Democrat machine and their accomplices are going to throw at them. Then we’ll see if the nominee will have learned some new tricks during these practice sessions. They’re going to need them.

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